Since My Folks have been gone… 12 weeks

So its been just over a month since my folks left and we have been surviving! In fact we’ve been doing pretty okay even if I do say so myself! Now I’m not trying to tempt fate here but Anjie has been a darling, and I’m thankful to God for this everyday…
Daddy's little girl

Since we got the Angel Care Baby Monitor I’ve got most of my evenings back. So Hubby and I usually get to do stuff in the evenings, this could be anything from watching some of our favourite TV shows (I never realised how much of a TV person I’ve become!) including Walking Dead, Grimm, Fringe, Modern Family and Glee (okay that’s just me, Abby can’t stand the stuff except when they sing :-)). If we’re not doing TV time I’m in the kitchen cooking up a storm to stash in the freezer or I’m on the computer browsing or something along those lines…

Anjie and I have gotten into a routine, well sort off… This is what our day is like, on a good day…

6am-7.30am – Anjie gets up usually demanding a feed. She gets some breast milk and we have a little play. Hubby’s usually getting ready for work around this time so most times we don’t get to sleep until his gone (Yes, Anjie is a proper daddy’s girl!). Once his gone we take a nap, usually about an hour 30 minutes to two hours.

10am-11am – We wake up and have another feed. Technically this is when we start the day, so if we’re going out we get ready and go. If not we just go downstairs and lazy around. Anjie gets to have a kick about in her playmat which she absolutely loves while I get to have breakfast and try to do some cleaning around the house, sometimes she lets me and sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she takes a short 20-40mins nap, sometimes! These days afternoon naps are coming few and far between, except I put her in her baby sling.

1pm-2pm – Around this time we have another feed and try for another nap. If this doesn’t work and I’m feeling good AND the weather’s great we take a stroll and just go to the shops, most times she ends up taking a nap in her pram. If we don’t go out then once again we lazy around and I try to get a few things done around the house or just watch TV with the little madam.

4pm-5pm – Another feeding time and we get ready for a bath and start winding down for the night. I’m trying to get her bath done around 6.30pm, give or take then we have another top up feed, usually with formula at this time then she goes to bed between 7-8pm. Abby gets back around 6pm so he also gets to play with her a bit before she goes to bed. Once she’s in bed we have dinner and relax!

Now I wish I could say she sleeps till the next day but we haven’t gotten to that stage yet.

11pm-12am – Anjie wakes up around this time and gets another feed. I usually still bring her downstairs because most times I’m still awake at this time. The feed’s short and sweet and try not to let her get too excited before I put her back in her cot upstairs.

3.30am-5am – Anjie normally wakes up anytime around this time for another quick top up – in the dark so she doesn’t get any funny ideals and think it’s okay to keep waking up at this time! Sometimes I try to give her the dummy to see if she’s go back to sleep but it only works for about 30mins before she’s up again. So I just end up feeding her and then we’re back to sleep!

And then morning starts again…

We’ve had this routine for a couple of weeks and so far so good, it’s worked for both of us. I’m still hoping to cut out the 3.30-5am feed so working on that. Fingers crossed it’ll be soon enough…

Any suggestions on going about this would be appreciated. I still haven’t written my review on the Gina Ford Contented Little Baby yet, I’ll get to that soon hopefully!

Hope everyone’s great!


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5 comments on “Since My Folks have been gone… 12 weeks

    • Thanks Chichi, we fell into the routine! I’m trying to stick with it these days. However when we need to get out earlier, we have a little problem 🙂

      How’s little Siobi? Hope you guys are good! Looking forward to an update on your blog! 🙂

  1. Loveeeeeee the the new header! My god-daughter (yea I claim it by fire by force :d) is looking pweety! How on earth did you get to be so structured, i.e knowing what you do at every hour…I guess that’s motherhood for you. She’s def got your eyebrows by the way…:p

    • Lol! Godmother that hasn’t come to visit yet! :P. it’s not that structured oh! But we’re getting there, it helps put of us cos that way we have an idea of what to expect. Hopefully we’ll continue to stick with it!

      Thanks girl!

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