Seven Random Facts About Me!

Thanks to Bee from BforBetula for nominating me to share a bit about myself! I’ve actually been meaning to write something like on my about me page so why not just kill two birds with one stone right? 🙂

So here goes nothing… Goodness, where do I start!

  1. I love a bit of adventure – as long as I can find a partner in crime! My little love for adventure made me go for a bungee jump a few years back and it was AMAZING! I went with my big brother and a friend who dared me to do it, haha! Next stop, sky diving! Hubby said I should have all his children before I think of that one!
  2. I always prayed to God to let me have all my children (2 is still the magic number!) before I turned 30 this year and God was right on time! I turned 30 on the 21st of February and had Junior on the 19th! Don’t ask my why either!
  3. I’m a bit of a private person which is a contradiction as I write a mummy blog! However, my ‘privacy’ led me into not sharing my blog on Facebook when I started and I haven’t looked back since! My close friends and family know of it and now and then some friends find it but I don’t actively promote it among my Facebook friends. Twitter and Instagram is another story 🙂
  4. I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth which I have passed on to my daughter, bless her! I see myself in her every day and it’s crazy! This also means I’m in a constant battle with my weight! I’m taking a break from the battle though as I’m breastfeeding – or so I keep telling myself!
  5. Another thing on my not-so-written-out bucket list is to get laser eye surgery! I always said I wanted to get it done before I had my kids so I’d be able to ‘see’ my baby once I gave birth without needing my glasses! That wish didn’t come through so I ended up with my glasses in the labour room! It’s better than nothing right?
  6. I knew my daughter’s name before she was conceived, heck even before I got married sef! I fell in love with the name and that was that! It’s a girl’s name through and through and thankfully I had a girl the first time! With my son, I was totally lost for a name so left it to hubby to decide.
  7. Lastly, I’m an introvert, something I think is quite common among bloggers as we use our blog to converse with the outside world as opposed to doing it ourselves, I might be wrong on this one though! This means I’m not as chatty in real life as I am on my blog! I’m very much the opposite and used to describe myself as shy back then but I’ve outgrown that now – I just love my own company, a lot. After that is family, then a small group of friends, but never a crowd…

And that’s that about me! 🙂

Now I’d love to find out some more random things about some of my fellow blogs!

Joy from

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and Phaozee


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9 comments on “Seven Random Facts About Me!

  1. Loool!

    At least you acknowledge I have some random gist abouy myself. I however, sccept this challenge.

    I think I am an introvert too, but no one believes.

  2. Wow, cant believe you did a bungee jump – respect! We were the other way round, had boy names ready. Laser eye surgery would be awesome, I can’t even imagine waking up and not needing glasses or lenses.

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