Settling into her Room and Sitting down

So last week we moved Anjie to her own room. I have to say that although I was the one that pushed for it I was a bit worried. This is mainly because I’ll have to wake up and go to her room to feed her if when she wakes up at night – me in my sleepy state! But that said I knew it was something I wanted us to do, and the sooner the better!

All in all, I have to say it has been fun, we’re all enjoying our new found freedom! Most times…

Most of this week Anjie only woke up once for a feed between 12am and 3am and then up for good between 5.3am and 7am, not quite sure what’s up with the early waking up and refusing to sleep but oh well! Anyway, yesterday she woke up at 11.30pm, 1.30am AND 3.40am!!!! And she ate at each of these times!! Bottom line, it was a bit of a rough night! I’m definitely suspecting teething, and this was after fighting sleep for over and hour! (she eventually slept around 9.30pm). Hopefully we’ll see a tooth soon enough, and here’s praying we don’t get a repeat performance tonight… In the meantime I’ve got some teething toys, powder AND gel, can’t say I’m not prepared :-)!

Moving along, I’m hoping to start a Zumba class nearby as I get ready to get back into the system! Need to lose some weight so I can get back into my work clothes! Yes, it is that bad… It seems like I’ve added some more weight after having my baby! So much for losing weight while breastfeeding! Read up on it and apparently the body stores up the consumed food so there is always milk for the baby, which sort of makes sense and explains why just skipping meals won’t cut it and need to eat health and exercise when I can. So here goes nothing…

Anjie has also started sitting up although she eventually topples over after a while. This is especially if she’s trying to grab a toy or something nearby, bless her! She’s one determined strong girl when she wants something! She also loves my phone, glasses, iPad and hair (not necessarily in that order) – always trying to grab it and put it in her mouth!

Here’s a picture of her ‘sitting down’. Oh and I’ve started ‘packing’ her hair in bits but madam still pulls at her hair so it only lasts a few hours before its in a state! Would love to know how to stop her literally pulling her hair out when she gets agitated, any advise please! Or else I’ll have to keep doing her hair everyday!


Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Also a big happy birthday to the best mummy in the world and happy married life to Vokay! Wish we could have been there…

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4 comments on “Settling into her Room and Sitting down

  1. Well done Tola, she is looking so lovely andi kinda like her hair – which Emma is a girl lol. Had same thing with emma too for about 2weeks b4 stn . All I did was made sure he was fed around 1030-1130 as the last feed and with that it became easy to stn. Even if he is asleep ,will carry him and feed him in his room with no light on except my small phone touch and I don’t maintain eye contact with him so as not to wake him fully. So I fed him 6:30,9:30,1130 and sleeps thru.

    • Thanks Kemi! Lol, hopefully the next one’ll be a girl! 😀
      Yeah, I’m hoping it’s just a growth spurt or teething and she’ll get over it soon enough. I dropped the last 11pm feeding awhile back but might be worth picking it up again at this rate! Thanks! X

  2. Trust me you she will keep pulling it out till she outgrows it. My niece kept doing the same the last 2 weeks she was around and losing her hair ribbons while doing so…But well you would still want her to look pretty so you cant afford to get tired! If it was a boy now, rub and shine…that’s all that is required..;)

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