Settling into Full-time Reception

I am so thankful to see the end of the half-day sessions in reception! It was one of the busiest period for us and I’ve clocked a lot of mileage to show for it! Aj has generally been a great trooper, especially in the morning, sadly I can’t say the same for when I pick her up in the afternoon…

Aj’s school did 7 days of morning sessions only to help ease the kids into reception and school life in general. They closed at 1.30pm last week after lunch. I wasn’t able to find a local nursery that offers school runs so I had to do pick-ups during my lunchtime! I’d pick her up from school, take her back to her nursery then back to work. It’s a relatively straightforward drive with little traffic thank God – all in all took me just under and hour both ways! And thank God for an awesome boss who is very understanding and supportive too!

Each time I took Aj back to the nursery for her afternoon session she became less and less impressed – I think she’s well and truly bored with nursery now! There goes any plan of using it for half-terms and holidays now…

Aj started full time in school on Monday and so far she’s been loving it! By full-time I mean 8.30 to 3.30. She then does an hour of after school care so officially leaves school around 4.30pm. She has also been getting on the school bus to and from school everyday!

We start the day with her waking up at 6.30am to have breakfast and get ready for school as they don’t do drop off breakfast club – you have to stay with your child(ren), really??!!

By 7.30am we all have to be out the door, including Junior, who has breakfast in nursery thankfully! We get to the bus stop for the 7.40am pick up then I go drop Junior at the nursery and dash off to work. I usually get in just before 8.30am. Honestly, I’m thankful to God everyday I don’t work in London because it means I can sort-of do the school runs.

Since I get in early, I close about 4.45pm then go to the bus stop, it’s about a 7min walk from my office. The bus gets in at 5pm then I have to find a way to back to the car and avoid the city centre so she doesn’t beg for ice cream/lolly or some other treat! Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t – we’re working on a treat chart…

All in all, I’m really happy and thankful she’s been a great sport and I believe she is well and truly settled in school which is always so reassuring for us first-time parents! I’ve got a parent evening booked in for next week so I’ll get the details on her settling in then, looking forward to that, I think! I hear the occasional mention of crying from her but she eventually gets over it! We’ve also been following the school activities via their Tapestry and all the kids always look so happy and engaged in the pictures they put up, like the one above.

We’ll also be getting our first reading and phonics homework today… Apparently, some kids had their first one last week – I’ve promised myself I won’t judge but mehnnnn! We have a lot of work to do it seems, Lord help us…

Have a lovely weekend, I’m going to be teaching my daughter phonics!


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  1. Oh wow, that’s so good that she can get on the bus by herself Was it scary for you? I’m muvh more of a nervous mum than I look from the outside lol.
    Very glad your baby is settling in, I hope she enjoys reception!

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