School Runs and KIT day – One of Those Mornings…

This morning has been a bit emotional for me…

My little girl started pre-school nursery today! I know she been going to nursery since she was about 7 months but this is different, today she wore a school uniform… I had to hold back the tears.

My little boy also went to nursery today – for a full day session…

And to crown it all up, I went to work as part of my Keeping in Touch (KIT) (half) days.

It really has been one of those mornings, I’m ready to crawl back into bed and hide under the cover for the rest of the day!

Aj now officially goes to ‘big girls school’ for 2.5 hours every day and will spend the rest of the day at nursery as usual. She’ll start full day at school September next year. This is sort of an intro to the school environment if you like; thankfully she’s a nursery baby so this is nothing new to her, but seeing my baby in a uniform this morning just reminded me that she’ll actually be going to SCHOOL!

aj school

Junior also started nursery today! He’ll be going in twice a week all day to get him used to the staff and spending time away from grandma and me in preparations for my going back to work next month. He’s had two settling in sessions which were pretty good but they were only 2 hour, today he’s doing a full day! As much as he’s a chilled out baby, I still worry… I’ll be on the phone to them quite a few times to make sure he’s fine! I don’t care what anyone says!


I, not to be excluded, will be doing a ‘keeping in touch’ day every Monday till I resume in October. It’s a way to gradually get back into the work environment at a more relaxed pace. It’s not a compulsory thing – I didn’t do it during my first maternity, but it’s also a way of making some extra money during maternity leave as we get paid a daily rate as normal, so that’s helpful! But I have mixed feelings… It means my maternity leave is coming to an end and this little ‘holiday’ will end. Back to waking up early (after loads of wakes up at night) and spending time away from my babies…

aj school2

This morning was actually funny. Aj and Junior woke up had breakfast and got ready for school all in good time! I was just getting ready to give myself a pat on the back for actually leaving the house right on schedule when my son decided to do a poonami! And it was nasty! As you would expect he pooped on his vest, trousers AND shirt so we had to do a full wardrobe change which of course made us a little late! I sha got to work just before 9.30am instead of the planned 9am… oh well, we’ll perfect it before my official resumption next month!

I’ll tell you how the different sessions went later this week, promise… 🙂

Have a beautiful week ahead


2 comments on “School Runs and KIT day – One of Those Mornings…

  1. Aww, They grow up so fast. It’s bitter sweet.
    I’m actually nervous about starting work soon, after 2 years of being out of the working feild. Nervous about putting my baby in daycare especially after seeing crazy videos and news about how some kids are treated badly and neglected. I won’t blame you for wanting to check up on Junior a billion times a day. I would do it too.
    AJ looks so smart in her uniform. She was ready. Hope you had a great day back to work.

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