Presents for Men – Wooden Soldier Skittles Review

I was recently asked to do a review for and I’ve been meaning to publish this so here it is!

Initially when I heard the brand name I was a little skeptical, thinking it would (as the name implies) have gifts for men only but I was nicely surprised to find a collection of gifts for young boys and girls too! So here is what we got…
wooden skittles

AJ is getting to that stage where she wants more creativity with her toys, plus I’m quite guilty of buying toys that need batteries and make all kind of noise sounds, so I thought the traditional wooden soldier skittles would be a nice, traditional and simple game to have fun with.

So we requested this and when it came in the post it was a little bigger than I expected – which was a nice surprise. There were 10 soldiers and two balls which came in the set – so hopefully even if we lose one ball there’s always a second somewhere! I did wonder how long it would take before the pieces started to go missing, but oh well! 🙂
wooden skittles1

AJ was all excited to get it set up and left to her she would have just gotten on with it, but we eventually got her to play with it like a proper skittles/bowling game and we had a blast! She loved going back to stand the soldiers and knocking them off! There’s still loads of room for improvement when it comes to actually hitting the pins, but we’ll have a pro in no time at this rate!

All in all, it’s a great buy, glad we went for a different type of toy altogether! We’re all happy with our purchase and I also liked the wide range of gifts they had for both adults and kids – nice to go through for ideas for the hubby and all… Have a look around at and don’t let the name put you off!

Have a lovely week and hope to get back to posting soonest!!


I was sent this product to review on my blog for free

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