Pregnancy #2 – The Journey so far… 26 weeks!

This post has been a long time coming!

I knew I was going to blog about my second pregnancy and I thought I would start sooner but for some reasons it didn’t work out that way! That said, this is roughly about the same time I started blogging when I was pregnant with AJ (24 weeks) so it feels right to start now 🙂

20 weeks scan baby 2

This pregnancy has been quite different for me, primarily because I’ve got a toddler-going-on-small-madam so gone are the days when I can lazy around and just chill when I get home tired from work and all! That said, so far so good, this one has been decent. I thank God for good health and general well-being all round!

I had morning sickness from about 7 weeks and that lasted till about 20 weeks! Quite annoying as I expected it to go by 13 weeks once I got into my 2nd trimester but that blows that myth out the water! Thankfully it’s the mild morning sickness which having a pack of minty/fruity gum can solve, most times. I also learnt to take my pregnancy drugs just before bed to avoid getting sick in the mornings!

I also promised myself I would be more active in this pregnancy so I’ve taken loads of inspiration from fellow mummy bloggers like Fit Foodie le and Pregnany Not Powerless who actively promote fitness during pregnancy. My fitness level doesn’t come close to theirs but it has encouraged me to roughly maintain my previous fitness level of gym or zumba and pilates 2-3 times a week and I think it has really helped with my general well-being during this period, especially fitting off the tiredness and heaviness. Every week hasn’t been great but I tell myself every little helps and get over my days/weeks of in-activeness! I have no idea how long I’m going to keep it up but I’ll take everyday as it comes. The plan is to eventually switch to Aqua fitness when the others get a little too much for me!

Food-wise, it was crazy in my first trimester! I had a STRONG craving for hot and spicy food and my poor darling AJ suffered for it big time! Had to cook separately for her as she can’t stand spicy food but hubby loved it! It’s a lot better now but I still have my moments when I just need hot spicy food or I feel sick! Thankfully, I haven’t had any of that crazy food craving which makes us eat unbelievable things! My appetite was also crazy and I ate literally like a pregnant woman! Once I got to the 20 week mart (again!) things seemed to slow down a bit so I’m almost back to normal with my appetite.

Now that my ‘secret’ is officially out I should get back to blogging more regularly… Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts but hopefully those days are behind me now! Here’s to more posts talking about this new time in our lives… 🙂

AJ and Mummy

First timers and non-first timers! What are you tips for getting through a pregnancy in general? How do you cope with the tiredness and sickness, amongst other things…?


Have a lovely week!






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  1. Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy! What seems to be working for me as far as morning sickness is eating smaller meals throughout the day…if I let myself get too hungry I feel horrible. Also sour candy seems to help me as well. Also a tip my mom told me that works sometimes is putting salt on your tongue. I haven’t really figured out the tiredness part yet, but I know I need to exercise! I think that should help, but I was feeling horrible, but I feel somewhat better now so I need to get to it. I just recently started blogging bout my pregnancy over at I’ve followed you and hopefully you can do the same. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Thanks Kia and nice to meet you! Congrats on your pregnancy too! The sour candy has definitely worked for me but I got tired of it after a bit, never tried the salt though! I’ll definitely be following your story too.. I’m already in love with Simba!

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