Piercing My Baby’s Ears in the Uk

Now before you read this, I must stress that this is my personal opinion and if you’re not keen on child ear piercing then there is no point reading this post :-). I am aware some people have quite strong opinions on piercing a baby’s ears but I too have strong opinions which is why I’ve decided to write about it too!

Back home where I was born, Nigeria, piercing a baby’s ear is a ‘tradition’, sort of like the Naming Ceremony except it doesn’t require a party or anything like that. Infact it is done in the hospital literally as you’re taking your daughter home! It’s part of a girl’s identity and used to help identity baby girls from baby boys…

I understand it’s pretty much done everywhere in Africa too! At least that’s what some of my other African friends have told me… I had my done like this and I’ve never once wished I didn’t have an ear whole so I think it’s only fair I do the same for my little one.

So you can imagine my frustration when I asked one of the midwives here and it seemed like I had said a bad thing! She wasn’t overly judgemental but you could see that I was barking up the wrong tree if I was looking for more information about piercing my baby’s ears! In the end I spoke to a couple of mums I knew here and they all recommended Claire’s Accessories Uk.

So I made a call to Claire’s and was highly disappointed when they said Anjie had to have had all her vaccines by then! (We’ve had the first and second so waiting for the third one now). Basically, I have to wait till her 16 week vaccines and then add two weeks after that before she can get her ears pierced. So in other words I’m looking at 18 weeks or so! Not good I tell you!

It’s easier to do an ear piercing when the baby is very little as she doesn’t remember anything then and she hasn’t quite found her hands so she won’t be playing with the ear (Anjie pulls her hair right now so I know what I’m talking about!). I know to some it might seem crazy and all but it’s not done for vanity, it’s more for identity like I said earlier. And the sooner it’s done the better!

I’ve had a number of people back home automatically assume Anjie was a boy because she didn’t have any piercing in her ear! :-). It is that much of a tradition and something nobody thinks twice about, sort of like male circumcision.

Anyway, I will be posting a picture of her when I’ve finally done it in about a month’s time. I’m not looking forward to the pain she will go through, in fact I know it will break by heart (which is why I will be taking hubby for moral support!) but the sooner it is done the better… I just wish we could have done it much sooner though…

There! I have said it now, do you have any experience of piercing your baby’s ear in the UK? Would love to hear about it and give me courage! Lol…

And Happy April to everyone!

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7 comments on “Piercing My Baby’s Ears in the Uk

  1. Hmmm. When you are away from home, things are always different, right? My sister’s son had to have his circumcision later too in Australia. 🙂

    • Yep! Definitely makes me long for home! But ouch! That most have hurt! My doctor here says some places would do a circumcision for religious reasons. Guess eat piercing is not religious!

  2. I had the same issue and guess what I did- i bought an ear gun with earrings from a website and my mum pierced my daughter’s ears. gen gen! I didnt think i could wait till when she could feel pain…glad i did it then, it was quick and she didnt cry…she was too stunned to i think..lol

    • Oh wow!! You ladies are strong!! Don’t think my mother or I would have the guts to do that! Lol… Wish I had you nearby, would have called you up for the service! 🙂

  3. It isn’t just moms from Africa that have their baby’s ears pierced in infancy. I took both my daughters to have their ears pierced when they were three months old – not at Claire’s but at my local hair salon where the lady who runs it provides an ear piercing service from three months and encourages all her customers who have daughters to bring them to her to have their ears pierced. She is certain it is best for girls to have their ears pierced when they are babies and so do I. The only problem I had was initial disapproving comments from both sets of grandparents and some of our friends who think it is rather common to pierce baby ears here in the UK. It certainly is less popular here than in the USA but no reason not to do it. My girls are now six and four years old and love their earrings. At their school here in Cambridge, some of the other girls also have pierced ears while most do not. The girls who do not have pierced ears seem very envious of those who do and often beg their moms to let them have it done too.

    • Thank you Diana!! I’ve met too many people who have been quite shocked and a bit disapproving of it… But I’ve stopped caring right now. After all, we mothers knows best! 🙂

  4. I agree with you totally. Ive just had the same experience as you and now having to wait till 18 weeks for claires. Other places i asked made me feel like i wanted to harm my daughter. I say the earlier the better.

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