Picnic, CBeebies Prom and Regent Park Weekend

Last weekend was the bank holiday weekend so had a long weekend! I felt like this was the last proper week of the summer so we went all out with it and it was a packed weekend for us. We had loads to do and it was all good fun.

So what did we get up to last weekend?

On Saturday we got to see a family we hadn’t seen in ages, we’ve both got daughters roughly the same age so they got to have a bit of a play date – even though they seem to have a love-hate relationship! That said, this time, was a lot better, they were more matured about their relationship and played nicely together!

That same afternoon we went to for a family picnic organised by Abby’s brother, Uncle Bosun (whom we also saw very coincidentally and briefly at Legoland the other day!) and his old school mates, at Heath Hampstead.

We all had a great time  – got to do a sack race, can’t remember the last time I did this, tug of war, couples race and the kids got to run around, loads! The weather also played nicely considering they had to move the picnic date once due to bad weather!

On Sunday we went for the CBeebies Prom at Royal Albert, London and Aj was just enchanted with it! We got to see Mr Bloom from Mr Bloom’s nursery, Gem from Swashbucklers, Andy from Dinosaur Adventures and Chris from Show me, show me and a couple of others (by now you’ll know madam is pretty much into CBeebies!). They were also joined by a live orchestra and it was great fun! They engaged the kids with lots of dancing and sing-alongs, especially when Mr Tumble came on TV!

Aj was also pretty upset when it finished after an hour and Junior just got on with it, as usual…

After the show, we decided to make the most of all being in London and decided to go to Harrods and see what all the fuss was about. And oh did we see, things were crazy expensive and the place was super busy too! Lord knows where people get the money to do all that shopping! They had a lovely cake selection though so we picked up some cakes and had a nice (but expensive) burger lunch – the service was amazing, really nice and friendly, the waiter engaged the kids and they loved it.

Abby then dragged took us to Notting Hill Carnival – we spent like 30 minutes before I decided that was it! It was way too busy and crowded for me, especially with a pushchair! My daughter wanted one of those horn things to ‘make music’ – no thank you before they kick us out of our quiet neighbourhood!

We then decided to end the evening – at the very last minute – at the Regent Park and hired a pedalo for an hour on the lake! That thing is hard! Reminded me of the episode of Peppa Pig when the family went boating. I had to hold on tight to Junior because it seemed as though the boy was hell bent on diving into the water, he was just so excited!

On Monday, the bank holiday, thought of going to a fun fair with the kids but in the end I just couldn’t be bothered so we had a pyjamas kind of day were they destroyed the living room. We managed to get Aj’s hair done for the week and do some washing in the end too – great way to end the weekend I’d say!

I suspect this is going to be the last busy weekend for us especially as summer is coming to an end, a part of me is looking forward to the quiet weekends again but who knows, maybe other indoor things will come up and keep us busy again, we’ll see…

And lastly, happy 1st birthday to my beautiful niece Nolly baby! We love you loads even though we still haven’t met you! Loads of kisses from your cousins across the pond!

Did you have a bank/public holiday? What did you get up to? Enjoy the rest of your week!


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