Personalised Teddy Bear – review

I recently got an email asking if I was interested in reviewing a product from I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a play with a smaller brand as I tend to buy most of my stuff from big brands like Amazon, Mothercare and others. And of course, it was a free offer so who could say no!

I was told to pick a product to the value of £15 so off I went to have a nose around and pick something either for Anjie or myself (yes, I happen to like gifts too!). I’d have to say, it was hard though! There were loads of really nice stuff to pick from but in the end I decided to go for a personalised teddy bear. Anjie is getting to that stage where she loves her cuddly toys and besides, a child can never have too many cuddly toys (right?), so why not!

Ordering the gift was easy and simple, and delivering it was even better! I was really impressed with how quickly I received my package, especially as it was a personalised gift too! Here’s what I got –

Teddy Bear from

And of course, Anjie loved it! She carried it everywhere for a bit and even read to it too 🙂

Anjie & her teddy bear

One thing I was a little disappointed about though was the size of the teddy bear. I guess it didn’t help there wasn’t a complete description of the teddy bear so I wasn’t too sure what to expect in terms of size. I wasn’t expecting a massive teddy bear, but something a little bigger, maybe? That said, it’s the perfect size for a new baby, not too big and easy to hold and cuddle as they grow.

Anjie & her teddy bear 2

Now I wonder what we’re going to call it…

If you’re thinking about getting a personalised gift or a gift in general for kids and family, especially as we’re coming to the Christmas season, is a nice place to shop around and find something suitable for everyone.

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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