One week later – My newborn baby

So this time last week I had just come out of labour and was getting used to my baby Anjie – today, I’m still settling in and adjusting to motherhood! There’s absolutely no rush to adjust especially as these are the early days. So really what has happened since we got home?

We got discharged from the hospital two days after Anjie’s birth because they wanted to monitor her breastfeeding which is find now, although she can still be fussy sometimes and it still hurts every now and then – still trying to get the hang of it! For now I’m just taking it one day at a time and we’ll see where we go with it! Lord give me strength!

Fortunately I didn’t have any stitches from Anjie’s birth so I’ve recovered quite well in terms of post delivery, thank God for that! I’ve still got some aches here and there, especially around the pelvic region, this would take some healing as it needs to ‘go back to normal’. I’m expecting this should take another week or so.

My folks who were on standby literally got in the car once they knew we were on our way home. They were overjoyed to meet their granddaughter and my mum literally hasn’t let go of her ever since except to let me feed her and get her changed. My dad has been a very proud granddad always giving suggestions on what to do if she’s crying, the easiest and most common suggestion being ‘top-up’ – giving her more milk (even though sometimes she’s just had a feed!)

Anjie had a bath before she left the hospital and since then has had two others – I’m wary of bathing her everyday cos of the UK weather so we do it every 2-3 days. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes not so much! But it always puts her to sleep for the rest of the day when she has it! Still trying to get the hang of it and make it as quick as possible so she doesn’t get exposed to the cold much, which is the main reason for her crying when she does.

The sleepless nights are really sleepless nights! But bless her, she sleeps a lot during the day and since my mother and sis-in-law were around (SIL just for a week, sadly… But mum will be for another few weeks thankfully) I got loads of sleep in between as I didn’t do much around the house, God bless them! Now that my SIL is gone mum and I will have to set up a routine of how to get things done, fun times! But like everyone says, I need to sleep when Anjie is asleep! That’s the best and easiest thing to do but there’s always something which catches my attention and before I know it, she’s awake and wanting a feed again!

I have been told Anjie is a lovely baby in terms of crying and sleeping, since I have no experience with babies I’ll just have to take their word for it and thank God! She’s also not a tiny baby something i was always worried about – fragality! Means I’m not so scared of taking care of her! She already trying to lift her head and giving us little smiles here and there! Absolutely amazing when you catch them!

I’m still arguing and refusing to believe she took after her daddy in the looks department! I acknowledge the fact that she will be a dark beauty (although she’s light skinned now her ears are pretty dark meaning she’ll likely get darker, although I still have hope!) but thats as far as I will go! I want a mini me!!!

Right, gotta run now! The little missy calls… Hope to be back soon!


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