Off to the Theme Park and Zoo

On Wednesday we went to the zoo! Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo to be precise! it’s in Malton, North Yorkshire and a lot closer than I thought being just over an hour. Anjie, Grandma, Hubby and I got in the car in the morning and arrived to spend what was left of the British summer. Had a lovely time, even though the little missy slept through most of the outing 🙂

The short time Anjie was awake we got into two kiddies rides, she wasn’t fazed at all! Infact she looked almost bored! Guess it wasn’t as fun as when her daddy plays aeroplanes with her. Hubby and I, still being young at heart as we are, went on a couple of adult rides! Was fun but we realised we’re getting old so didn’t do too many crazy rides…

Anjie has also started sleeping a lot better now going up to 5-6hours at a time. Can’t wait for the full 10-12hours stretch, hopefully by the time she turns 1 in a few months (OMG!!). She’s becoming so independent these days too! Clapping like a big girl, trying to feed herself with her bottle and getting the hang of baby led weaning. I’ve learnt not to overwhelm her with so much at once, give it to her gradually… It’s still messy but hey who ever said it would be so easy??

We also seem to be having some baby rash issues again :-(. I’ve put this one down to teething as she’s been having some loose stool movement. I’m back to using a lot of Oilatum which seems to help a bit but still monitoring it.

I also finally ordered a highchair after they put the fear of God in us about bumbo seats! Quite sad as I really liked our bumbo seat, to be fair we were starting to outgrown it though and since we’re crawling now she hates confinements. The next major buy for us is the forward facing 9 months to 4years car seat. Technically as Anjie won’t be 9 months till next month we still have some time but she’s getting uncomfortable in her current car seat.

Work is going well, started getting used to waking up early, Anjie is loving nursery and spending time with Grandma so that’s great. I’m down to breastfeeding in the morning and at nights. Although Anjie really only takes a 7oz bottle during the day. She also weighs 9.5kg so been advised to watch her in takes and give her more finger food so she eats less… Hmmmmmm didn’t know you could over feed a baby though!

So that’s that! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and bank holiday! Haven’t decided what we’re doing yet… 🙂

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