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Happy February everyone! This is one of my favorite months! (Although not sure Abby would agree with me!) Not only is it my birthday month AND Valentine’s, it’s also our wedding anniversary month! It doesn’t get much better than that…:D

So we’ve been settling nicely into our new home and my new job although the lack of Internet bit hasn’t been great. We’re getting to know North Wales a little bit more and really it is such a lovely country with lots of wide open countryside! We’re definitely looking forward to the summer here! But what else have we been up to?

Anjie’s settling into her new nursery quite nicely, all things considered. She was very settled in her old place and we were all sad to be leaving there but thankfully she’s not old enough to remember much right now. On her first day she was totally fine and didn’t even cry for a second when we dropped her off – now this was amazing especially as we didn’t do a settling in period! I called a few times to check in and she was doing just great! After work we went to pick her and they all had nothing but praise and wonderful things to say about her! That was a major load off my shoulders! However, the next few days have been hit and miss! I should have known with babies it not so straightforward! She cries when I drop her but once she gets cuddles with the staff they say she’s perfectly fine! Luckily my office is just about 5 mins away so I can always pop over during lunch or something but I haven’t had to do that yet, thank God! And when we come to pick her at the end of the day she’s all smiles and happy to see us too! So hopefully its just a phase which shall soon pass…

Since the sleep training Anjie’s being sleeping quite well! Most times she sleeps through, waking up a couple of times during her sleep cycle but goes back to sleep almost immediately. She sleeps with a bottle though so I’ll imagine getting rid of the bottle is going to be another battle which we will have on our hands in the near future. Although we’ve switched to sippy cups, she still prefers her night milk in a bottle! I’m hoping by the time she gets older we’ll just get rid of the bottle and that’ll be end of that… but we’ll see!

I always  said once the little madam started sleeping through it would be a sign that my breastfeeding days were numbered and I was right! Since she started sleeping through there just hasn’t been a need to breastfeed. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and I’m just thankful we were able to get here. 1 year of breastfeeding is no joke! Especially with all the things we’ve been through! It was fun while it lasted really! And it also means my little girl isn’t a baby any more… *sob sob*

So what else is my little sunshine doing? She’s has always been an independent baby and its becoming more apparent everyday. Even at nursery they say she’s very good at wandering off on her own – something she does a lot of here in the new house too! Once she gets familiar with her environment, she just wants to explore! She still isn’t saying proper words but we can carry off a conversion easy now! And she can go on and on really! She’s definitely going to be a talker this one! She loves to dance too, put on a tune and she just starts to sway! I’m definitely introducing her to Zumbatomic when she’s older!!

You all have a lovely week!



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4 comments on “New Nursery, Breastfeeding, Sleeping and other things

  1. You have to get a video of your little dancing machine and post it on here! I bet she is super adorable when she is dancing! As far as breastfeeding goes my supply dramatically dipped when Abby started sleeping through the night. You are a rockstar mama for making it to one year of breastfeeding. I have 4 more days to go to make it to a year and if it wasn’t for my frozen supply I don’t think I would have made it!

    • I know! I keep trying to get a video but she stops and smiles whenever she sees the camera! At least you were even able to do the storage bit! I just couldn’t be asked! We’re all rock stars mums!
      You must be sooo excited about the partyyy!! Can’t wait for the pictures! I’ll be stalking your blog till I see them!!

  2. sounds like you’re settling in just fine…. 🙂 Moves are tough on everyone but she seems to be adjusting quite well. And yes, you need to snag some videos of her dancing!

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  1. […] When we moved to North Wales, it was a bit of a whirlwind move. I had started working in Wales before we moved so was still commuting from Leeds working 2 days in the office and 3 days at home. During my two days in Wales I spent it hunting for nurseries around the area. Hubby and I had come down a few times to house hunt but that was during weekends so nurseries weren’t open then. So when I found a nursery right next to my office that was literally heaven sent! It was one of those known nursery with branches across the UK so after some research and checking the place out during my lunch I didn’t even both looking at other nurseries, we took it. And thankfully AJ had a blast there; we had no issues with the place what so ever – I even blogged about her settling in here. […]

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