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I was recently approached to do a review by the makers of Nakd, Natural Balance Foods. I had seen their product in a few places but never actually tried it – I did think their packaging looked really good though, catchy and colourful. So when asked if I’d like to review them, I figured why not? It’s another healthy snack brand and since I’m always on the look out for a new healthy snack I went for it!

Nakd snacks by Natural Balance Food

So! I got one of their variety packs like the one in the image above and was really excited about trying them out until I read the ingredients for one of the products:

Simply Natural – Made with Dates (43%), Soya Crunchies (17%), Cashews (17%), Raisins (17%), Strawberries (2%), Apple Juice Concentrate (2%) and a hint of natural flavouring.

I don’t like dates 🙁 … I really don’t like dates.

I checked a few other ones as I had the variety pack but most of them had a large percentage of dates in it. Hubby laughed his head off because he knows I don’t like dates or nuts in general! (I have a graze box delivered regularly and always give him the ones which have nuts in it!). That said, I love Nigerian groundnuts though! Especially the boiled ones…. oh!

Needless to say, hubby likes it, he likes the portion sizes are pretty good too. But it’s not for me. Anjie wasn’t a fan either – not surprised as she can be quite picky sometimes. I feel a bit bad writing this review but I have to be honest with myself! It’s a good healthy snack, quite clean and all, based on the ingredients so definitely worth a try if you’re looking to try something new AND you love dates!

Find out more on their website –


Sponsored post – I was sent a free variety pack to write this review.

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6 comments on “Nakd – Natural Balance Food Review – Sponsored Post

  1. Great honest review. I love Nakd bars, they are very yummy to me and even though I am not a huge fan of dates I love them in these bars but definitely think as with most things in life it is all down to personal taste. Agree with you that the packaging is very colourful and catchy.

    • Thanks for the comment Elizabeth! Interesting you don’t like dates but like it though! Guess its just not sweet enough for me, hahaaa!

  2. Never been one for dates too but right now any healthy snack will be eaten…lol. Just bought and ate my first can soup , still cant believe i ate it!

    • Hahaaa! I’ve actually bought a can soup but still haven’t gotten around to opening it so I know exactly what you mean! But hey, life is also about new experiences isn’t it! x

  3. i also don’t like dates! or raisins…lol..but i like the fact that they are a healthy snacks..maybe they should have some date free ones 🙂

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