My Mummy SOS Kit from Lights by TENA

I was recently contacted by an agency working with Lights by Tena about a mummy SOS kit which I thought was an interesting idea. Who doesn’t need an SOS kit especially for mums, right?

The handy kit has essential items a mummy needs to make her day a bit easier, especially to avoid the little ‘Ooops’ moments.

So what’s in the kit you ask?

mummy sos kit

Bio Oil for those pesky stretch marks

To help we mummy’s get rid of the stretch makes when our body changes. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Bio oil but never got around to trying them out, great opportunity for me to try it out for free!

A personalised tie-up apron for protection when cooking

I LOVE this! I’m all about personalisation and for me this was one of the best gifts I’ve got from a brand! Will definitely be using this with pride when I’m cooking up a storm in my kitchen! It says ‘Tola loves blogging’, which says it all…

mummy sos apron

Antibacterial gel for when you’re out and about

Very handy when going out with Aj and Junior for clean ups especially in a public toilet or after a nasty poonami! It’s a very essential product to be found in any bag I think…

Gel foot cushions for shoes to ease tired feet

Hmmmmm, I more for comfort and practicality than fashion so I tend to wear flats when I’m out and about with the kids! If I’m not in flats then that means I don’t plan on walking very much OR the kids are not with me! But it never hurts to have these I guess.

Handbag-sized dry shampoo for a fresh wash and go look

This is nice, but I’ve found the best solution for this – short hair!!!!


Teapig luxury chocolate tea to treat yourself after a long day

Oh yes please! This is really nice tea!

Lights by TENA Liners for those ‘Oooops’ moments

Oh my goodness, I had these when I was pregnant! Especially when I had hayfever and was sneezing like a crazy woman! Bladder weakness is nasty! Apparently 69% of pregnant women and new mums experience these little leaks so it’s not unusual. Thankfully, the worst of it is over now. Always a nice to have though, just in case!

Thanks to the Lights by TENA team for sending me my SOS kit, loved the ideas behind the different items and was great fun writing this! It was great marketing too 🙂


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