My Birth Story!! Warning Contains TMI

First of all! Here’s welcoming Baby AJ Omoniyi into the world! She made a gracious appearance on the 21st of December at 7.40pm weighing a good 8lb 5oz (3.77kg)!

It all started on my due date, 18th of dec when I had a bloody show (lost some mucus plug) – that was my first sign that labour was coming. But nothing happened except the normal period like cramps and a few contractions in between.

By the 19th it got worse, the contractions were there but they were few and far between, however when they came they hurt! Had my first sleepless night with lots of tossing, turning and pain! I had downloaded an iPhone app called Full term which tracked the contractions, durations and frequency between contractions – it was a true life saver! Around 4.30am I told Abby I couldn’t take it any more, at this time the contractions were about 6mins apart. So we called the Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC) at LGI and told them we were coming in! Got there and said i was only 2cm dilated :'( after all that pain! Advised we should go home as not much as going to happen, in fact the contractions disappeared when we got there! So we went back home and tried to get some rest – that didn’t really happen!

The 20th was just as bad, with lots of contractions and short naps during the day and at night the process started all over again! The pain was bad and contractions were about 5 minutes apart. However, around 4am during a rather strong contraction I felt a lot of pressure on my cervix and pop my water went! Fortunately I had a pad on due to the bloody show so made it to the bathroom without leaving much behind :-). Called MAC again and said we should monitor it for another hour – in between this time, I lost more water which was pink with traces of old blood from the show of the 18th.

By the time we called LGI the second time around 5pm they said they were ‘closed’ and transferring us to St James WTH!!!!!! What about my Water birth???? What do you mean your closed???? Bottom line, they we’re fully booked out! Can you beat that? So back to old trusted St James we went…

Got there and said I was about 4cm dilated and the examiner could actually see Anjie’s hair!! So from the MAC room we went to the delivery suite which thank God had a bathtub so first things first we ran a bath after we had settled in of course – this was around 6am and was still having my contractions and all.

Had a check around 10am and was still only 4cm dilated. So had to stay mobile and move around, there was also a birthing ball which was quite useful. After a while I got introduced to Gas and Air – men, that stuff gets you highhhhhhhh! Initially didn’t like it, but what can I say, it ‘grew’ on me!

This went on till around 4pm when my contractions still weren’t getting stronger and I wasn’t dilating like I should so I got my first ever drip to speed up the contractions. This meant baby had to be monitored so was but on the bed with the drip and monitors attached to my bump! This soooo wasn’t what I had in mind at all!

The drip wasn’t as effective as we all would have liked so I was on it for a while. At this time, I wanted something stronger for the pain but already Anjie was getting tired so advised Diamorphine – my first choice – won’t be a good idea! So stuck with Gas n Air cos an epidural was already late at this time! This went on till I started feeling the urge to push! Told the midwife the first time, said naaaaa, I should wait as I wasn’t due another check for like two hours and I can’t be fully dilated yet. So when the urged continued I insisted she do a check and turns out I was fully dilated and ready to go – this was around 6.30pm.

Now this was the hardest part for me – the pushing! I tired and tired and it just seemed as though it wasn’t working! Plus it didn’t help that the crowning contractions were quite far apart (although I wasn’t complaining – i used the time to gather my strength). Hubby bless him kept on going push that’s it’s we’re seeing the head keep pushing, he was my one man support team! At this stage I had had enough and told Abby I couldn’t do it so many times! But he kept pushing me! It just seemed my pushes weren’t strong enough! But eventually she made an appearance after about an hour! And it was a relief, that last push was a push of literal relief! !

After that we had a lovely skin to skin bonding time while they gave me an injection for the afterbirth which came almost immediately then I tried to get the hang of breast feeding with some help from the midwife (note the use of try!). I got a slight tear which didn’t need stitching, thank God. All in all, it was an Experience and the after reward worth every minute…

Nothing went the way of my birth plan but at the end of the day, I’m just glad and thankful it all over and little miss AJ is here now!

I’ll put up a picture shortly!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support over the last 9 months!

Love you all…

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