My Birth Plan

I really do hate waiting… And its quite ironic because I’m not even full term yet! Heaven help me if I get to 41+ weeks!

Anyway, I’ve finalized my birth plan and given this to hubby. I think it’s pretty straightforward and simple – I want things to be as naturally as possible (including my water birth of course), but if this is not happen I’m happy to get assistance from ‘science’…

Here’s my birth plan:

Name: Juliana Omoniyi

Birth partner: Abiola Omoniyi (Husband)

My Birth Plan 

I am aware that childbirth might not go according to plan, but if possible I would like the following for my child’s birth.

Style of Birth

Ideally I would like a water birth.

My second choice if the first is not available is a room with a bath (a home away from home room).

I would like to be mobile as much as possible to move around during the early stage of labour and pick positions comfortable for me.

Pain relief

I do not want an epidural, unless it is necessary.

If I need a caesarean, I will be happy to go under general anaesthetic.

I would like to labour in the pool/bath with gas and air if available.

Emergency Caesarean/theatre operation

In case of emergency, please put me under general anaesthetic and explain the situation to my birth partner.  I will like my husband to come in wit me.

After the birth

I would like my birth partner to cut the umbilical cord.


I would like my birth partner to use camera/phone to take pictures/videos when the baby is born.

As soon as the baby is born, I would like myself or my partner to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby and possibly breastfeed immediately or within the first hour of birth.

If possible I would like a managed third stage, if this is not possible it is fine.

Hopefully, everything will go according to plan, but either way, it’s all in God’s hands…

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    • There are somethings I don’t want to think about, the cut is one of them! So figured if I ‘ignore’ it it won’t come up, lol! As for the vitamin K, I actually should have put that in but forgot! So thanks for that! 🙂

  1. OMG!!! i cried after reading this…my husband and i just decided we’re ready to start our own little family after a year of being married and i’ve been reading up on baby blogs A LOT in preparation for when i get pregnant hopefully soon!!! i absolutely love your blog

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