My Amazing Birth Story the 2nd Time Around (TMI)

I woke up at about 3.30am on the 19th of February after scheduling this post around 12 midnight earlier that day thinking I was feeling different. For the first time I was having proper contractions with period like cramps and not just Braxton hicks contractions. They seemed relatively far apart so I didn’t take it seriously.

By about 4am i realised this could be the real deal so I got out my Full term app and started monitoring the contractions. Next, I got on my birthing ball and started bouncing away. Initially the contractions were about 9-12 mins apart so I just continued bouncing while everyone slept. I wanted to be certain before I started waking anyone up.

Around 5am the contractions were a lot closer together at about 6-7 mins apart so I decided to take a shower and get ready for a possible trip to the hospital. All this time the contractions were gradually increasing in intensity, some more than others but bouncing on the birthing ball helped a lot. Once I was ready I woke Abby up at about 5.30am and he got ready too.

At this time I called the Maternity unit and gave them my details and told them about my contractions. They said I could start making my way home if I couldn’t bare (bear) it any more then they’ll do a check and a sweep for me either way. The hospital is about 20mins drive so we decided to go in. We woke grandma up and she went to stay with Aj who was still half asleep. At this time I still hadn’t had a bloody show or water burst.

We got to the hospital at about past 6am where I had my first check and turned out I was already 7cm (is this cm or mm) dilated!
The midwife looked at me and said “we won’t be sending you back home now”!. At this stage I asked if the birthing pool was available as I’d love to have a water birth and thankfully it was! Once again the joys of giving birth in a ‘village’! So they set off to filling it with water and I was given gas and air as requested (I love that stuff!).

The birthing pool

I got into the water at about 7.45am and found a comfy position and eventually my water broke in the pool during an intense contraction. All this time the contractions were already getting worse and the midwives advised that as I was in the pool I needed to work with my urges and when I felt the urge to push I should just go with it. They placed a mirror at the bottom of the pool so they could see when baby’s head came out.

The contractions kept getting stronger and eventually I started to push! I was a little worried about having a tear but with each contraction the urge to push down was just so strong I went with it. All this time Abby was there, being his usual strong supportive self. Suddenly the head popped out during a rather strong push and then that’s when everyone started encouraging me to push the rest out. I remember feeling very uncomfortable once the head came out and also thinking hmmmm I need to get this boy out of me and the water so he can breathe! That was the motivation I needed to do the final pushes to get him fully out!

With the next contraction he was out at exactly 8.25am! Once the midwives grabbed him from under the water he give his first gasp of air and it was so beautiful to hear!

After that one of the midwives cut of his umbilical cord and took him for weighing and quick checks while another attended to me and got me out of the pool and onto a bed to have the afterbirth. Abby then got to carry his son and afterwards I did as well and beautiful baby boy was already sucking his thumb!

FullSizeRender (1)

By about 11am we asked for an early discharge as I didn’t need any stitches and baby was already latching well so we got it! They said a midwife would come the next day to check on us. So by 2pm we were all back home safe and happy and that was that! πŸ™‚

Leaving the hospital with baby

I’m not going to lie and say the contractions weren’t intense or painful but the fact that it was so quick and straightforward – everything I had prayed for is just so amazing and something I’m forever thankful for! It also helps that I have something else to compare it with, AJ’s birth was LONG. My husband said this time it was like we just went to the shops to pick up groceries and came back with a baby! It was so surreal and even now 4 days later it’s still hard to believe he’s finally here with us!

Aj and her baby bro

God was faithful from the start of this pregnancy to the very end! And we have so much to be thankful for! To all my online and offline mummies to be (first timers and non-first timers) I’m praying your delivery will be just as smooth and quick as mine was and better.

Once again thank you all for your prayers and support its been amazing sharing this journey with all of you! So now we move on to the sleepless nights and breastfeeding drama, again!! Lord give me strength! πŸ™‚


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19 comments on “My Amazing Birth Story the 2nd Time Around (TMI)

  1. Oh AJ’s mummy!! I remember someone dropped a comment and said she prays it will be a ‘sneeze and he’s here’ kinda birth and that was what you got!!

    How is Aj adjusting to being a big sis? I’m sure she’s loving it? Do take cre and enjoy your time with your new one.


  2. Amen amen amen! Praise God! What a beautiful story. I hope and pray that mine will be as quick and straight forward as yours!

  3. As is said in Nigeria, I tap into this in Jesus name. Haha. NO, seriously, 7cm dilated at time of hospital visit is pretty amaaaazing. And he is beautiful. Well done Mama. Hope you’re all bonding at home.

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