Moving a toddler to a big girl’s bed

It’s funny how as parents we worry about the strangest things and then suddenly it happens right under our nose and we’re like ‘what! how/when did that happen?!’.

Anjie has been in her cot bed since forever. We thankfully never got an over adventurous child that wanted to explore climbing out of their cot! So we ended up just lowering it and leaving it that way. Until the last Easter holiday…

While we had family over for Easter, we figured it would be easier for K.C & Anjie to share a bed in Anjie’s room, a double bed because we had a spare. I was a bit nervous about it thinking Anjie would wake up every minute and make her way to our room. Believe it or not, she never did it! She had K.C so she was a happy bunny and slept through it all!

Once our visitors left, I thought Anjie would want to go back to her cot as I wasn’t ready for sleepless nights of her sleeping alone in a double bed, but she refused! And that was the end of the cot!

My little baby has moved to a big girl’s bed! A proper double bed for that matter! She really is growing up too fast!! But off course I had to Anjie-nise the bed a little, I just couldn’t resist…

Anjie peppa pig bed

Anjie peppa pig bed

Anjie peppa pig bed

Anjie peppa pig bed

Hubby says I’m milking it… Whatever!!

Now if only potty training was this simple…




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6 comments on “Moving a toddler to a big girl’s bed

  1. I’ve been thinking about when we should make the switch too. Samuel is 2 1/2 and sleeps in his crib with once side down. He could get out but he doesn’t. I’m glad to hear your daughter transitioned so well!! She is super cute, by the way! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks Valerie! Honestly take your time! That was my plan as well until this happened! So I’m sure something will come up to help with the transition. Thanks for the comment x

  2. We moved our son to his toddler bed when he was less than two years old. I thought it would help him sleep better, but he quickly figured out that he could get out of it on his own and my plan totally backfired. I’m glad this is working out well for you!

    • Awwwwww, that’s annoying! We still have days like that too but as long as she starts her night there I’m fine with that! Thanks for stopping by x

  3. What a beautiful blog you have here. I’m a first time visitor, got here from whatkindofchildisthis…

    Anjie is such a cutie and ‘fuss-less’ girl. It was a real struggle getting my boys to transition from our bed to theirs…(we co-slept..), in fact it’s still an on-going process with my 3yr old but we’ll get there.

    • Welcome Biola and thanks for stopping by! Hmmmmm, just wait until I have time to do the update first oh! The transition has been anything but smooth! Trust me, you’re not alone lol…

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