Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to everyone! A bit late but better later than never, right?

Hope everyone had a lovely day! We had some friends over for dinner. Wasn’t quite like Anjie’s birthday party which never was as family was missing but just some close friends and we had a lovely time!

And I’ve also got a backlog of pictures we took of Anjie on her birthday with her absolutely lovely cake from Sarah at Cupcake crumbs. I’d used her before for Abby’s Andriod birthday cake so I was confident she would do a fine job but she absolutely outdid herself! I found the cake image online and she replicated it amazingly. It was so pretty we didn’t want to cut it! But when we finally did the inside was just as lovely! White chocolate mud cake! Amazing! Have a look for yourself!

Thanks once again for a lovely cake Sarah 🙂

Here my little missy being a daddy’s girl as usual, but I know this is just a phase so I ain’t bothered no more!

Did I also mention she was initially scared of her cake?!! Was sooo funny to watch! She would go round the cake and just won’t touch it! But after a while she got over it, lol… She also preferred the fondant to the cake it self, oh brother!! Now that is what you call a ‘bush girl!’ 😀












In case I don’t come back before the end of the year, have a Happy New Year celebration all ye fine people! As per new year resolutions, we’ll make them up as we go!




My chickenpox is all good as you can imagine! Else won’t have had much of a Christmas dinner! Thankfully it was a mild one so I got away with little or no spots, thank GOD!!

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