Meet Sammy the Bear from Nursery

Meet Sammy the Bear, he is from AJ’s nursery and will be staying with us for the weekend… Fun times!

Sounds surprising/shocking? Well I would have been too but thanks to Peppa Pig, we know all about this! We watched an episode (video below) where ‘Teddy playgroup’ comes to visit Peppa’s family for the weekend and he sort of gets lost at the supermarket but thankfully they find him again.

Sammy the Bear from nursery
Sammy the Bear

That’s the episode there


So we do learn stuff from the cartoons we watch with our kids! 🙂

Sammy the bear has come to visit and he couldn’t have picked a better time to come around! AJ’s got not one but two birthday parties lined up with her friends at nursery so it’s going to be a busy weekend for us – hopefully this also means madam will be exhausted by bedtime and she’s go down for bed without a fuzz.

Sammy comes home
Sammy comes home

I find the whole concept of a visiting bear from nursery interesting because the parents are meant to keep a diary of what Sammy gets up to (oh yes, our ‘first homework’ as parents), preferably with pictures, drawings and all too!

In the Peppa episode Teddy went to loads of exciting places like London, Egypt and Paris to see the Eiffel tower – oppression right? Thankfully, Sammy isn’t that well-traveled and usually just spends time meeting extended families, friends and pets so not as much pressure! But as a whole I think it’s an interesting way for the nursery and other families to get an insight into each child’s life at home and see how they spend time as a family. Some people might find it a little intrusive but I think it’s all good fun – obviously you only write what you’re comfortable with and like they say pictures can tell a whole story, at least that’s going to be my strategy cos I don’t like writing (with a pen that is, this is different!) .

You should have seen the happiness on AJ’s face once she found out Sammy would be with us this weekend, his obviously a favourite in their nursery class. He went everywhere with her when she got home yesterday and was the first thing she thought of this morning when she work up!


Needless to say, this weekend is going to be interesting and lets hope nothing dramatic happens to Sammy – like him getting lost!! 🙂

Have you had a nursery bear come visiting and what do you think of the practice generally? 

Have a lovely weekend!


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