Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

I remember when I was little and I used to look forward to school holidays, not because we would travel anywhere exciting as such but because it meant I didn’t have to wake up early! Yes, for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved my sleep!

Summer holidays meant no school, so we would wake up whenever and just play, play and play some more! My mum was a teacher so she was on ‘holiday’ too while she caught up with school work and did the usual running around for the house and other things here and there.

My kids holidays are going to be very different from mine though!

For one thing, I have a go-to-the-office-9-5-job so come rain or sunshine mama has to work! And since we don’t have an au pair/nanny the kids will need to get up in the morning same time as mum (roughly) and get ready for nursery/summer camp or whatever means it is to keep them busy while I’m working! It’s something I sometimes feel guility about as most working mums probably do but in a way I’m glad because it means they will always be ‘busy’. Busy in summer school learning and exploring, making new friends and just generally being active. This isn’t something I could do for them even if I wasn’t working so in a way I’m glad.

Hopefully next summer we’ll be more settled finanically to travel somewhere with the kids and just go away for like a week or so. That’ll be slightly different from their summer school activities and something else to look forward to as a family.

In the meantime, we’ll make the most of our weekends and that means going to different family attractions and just getting out of the house, having a good time and making wonderful memories as a family. It’s also an opportunity for me (and hubby too!) to relive my childhood in a more exciting way!

A few weeks ago we went to Willow Acitivity Farm where the kids got to meet Peter Rabbit. Junior was obviously indifferent but Aj loved it! They had a tractor ride, sand and beach area for kids to dig in and make a mess, in-door soft play area to jump around, farm animals to feed and my goodness the goats were hungry! Once they saw us coming with their food bag they ran straight for us!

Last weekend was Standon Calling festival, that was awesome! Now we’ve still got about a month to go for Summer 2016, still thinking about what else we could do over the weekend and where we could go fairly locally… I’ve heard good things about Hatfield House (plus it’s cheap!) so that’s on my list and also thinking about Legoland Windsor with the cousins so that’ll be nice!

Hopefully we have decent weather this weekend!

Have you got anything nice planned?


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