Making the most of Summer 2013

So Summer 2013 is almost over, we’re in September which is like the last month of Summer (and for some, summer is technically already over as schools are back in this week!). Its been a lovely summer really, thankfully, the weather has been great, most of the time, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first summer in North Wales! Been to lots of lovely places and hopefully, we’ll still do a little more before the end of the year!

So where else have we been?

We went to the farm! The Greenfield Valley Heritage Park is a nice little farm/museum in Holywell which we went to last weekend. And there we found out our daughter is scared of ducks! Yes, ducks!! I think we need to ship this young lady back home to Nigeria to toughen her up a little bit! We couldn’t believe it really, but the facts don’t lie, anytime a duck came round she would move away or be demand to be carried, as seen here!


We also saw chickens, turkeys, sheep, rabbits, goats, cows and pigs! It was good fun, and there was a park there as well, so we went on the swing, slides, kiddies tractor, bouncing horse thingy and she loved it, or at least most of them!

Took some pictures, obviously…


Then we ended the day with a little bit of this… which she obviously loved…


Infact, right now to Anjie every animal is a cow, and once she sees an animal she always goes ‘Moooo’ which is so funny, obviously we correct her but she doesn’t care!

We also went to Gwaenysgor View point and got this AMAZING view of Prestatyn, which is a lovely resort town by the seaside in North Wales, sadly we still haven’t been able to explore the beach much but we will eventually! But the view…


North Wales really is a beautiful countryside with so many lovely towns and we’re looking forward to exploring it some more, its just a shame that summer is almost gone, but hey, here’s to many more lovely summers here… 🙂

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


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