Making the Internet safe for our kids

I’m a mum and quite an open mummy blogger for that matter.

I share pictures of my family online everyday, sometimes I worry this might come back to bite me but I do try to be conscious and careful of the things I post because I know the Internet can be a big, bad and unsafe world out there and I believe being ‘aware’ is the first step.

Hubby and I are very much into technology and gadgets (well kind of) I hate to say we’re geeks (he is probably choking on his coffee now because he can’t believe I just used that word to describe us :)) but yes, we both have that tendency so I’m pretty sure Anjie and her sibling will grow up being quite ‘aware’ too. We’re not going to fight it or prevent it from happening because that’s just the way it is – heck, I’m even going to encourage it!

I didn’t get my first phone till I was in University and same goes for a laptop – Anjie already sort of commandeers my iPad (and if she had her way, she would do the same for my phone too!) and I know it’s the same thing in a number of families too! She will be probably start dragging my laptop with me when she’s 3-4 years old. The world is changing and that’s just the way it is.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t try my hardest to protect my kids from all the negativity found on the Internet and I believe that starts with teaching them to first be aware of it, to avoid it and most of all to trust them based on all the things we have taught them.

Which is why when I saw this slide on twitter earlier today talking about Internet safety for kids it really struck a chord in me and I just had to post it here because this is something I will definitely start implementing and come back to as Anjie gets older and has her own phone, laptop or whatever. I guess this is sort of note to self, but I hope you’d also find something useful here for yourself too, whether you’re a parent or not!

It all starts with being aware…

[slideshare id=29019443&doc=internet-safety-for-grownups-131208194554-phpapp02]

What do you think about Internet safety for kids? Is there anything else we can do really?

The presentation was done by Ian Lurie of Portent

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4 comments on “Making the Internet safe for our kids

  1. My two/almost three year old is already a pro with EVERY SINGLE device! Now when we don’t let him watch the tv, he goes straight for the phone or laptop and searches for his query HIMSELF on You tube! Don’t ask me how. I am now at that point where I am getting concerned he’ll one day end up watching some horrible video instead of baby jake or Dora the explorer, so some of these tips will sure be helpful.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you’re preparing for the holidays 😉

  2. Good idea. like I said on my site, CHANNEL OF VIRTUE ,we need to monitor our children online. Set rules for them and let them know the right things to look for on the internet instead of exposing what they don’t supposed to in revealing their privacy online.

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