Let the biting begin! And what else?

Just when I thought my darling was a proper sweetheart and would never do anything to harm her mama she bites me! I know a lot of people would say I’ve been luck thus far in my breastfeeding journey, but still! And my goodness did it hurt! Did I mention she has teeth? Oh the pain…

Aside from biting what else have we been up to?

Well for one thing we are definitely still not sleeping through! Still waking up like 2-3 times infact! I’m almost tempted to keep her up till late in the night so she sleeps longer but then I’ll have a very cranky madam on my hands. At the moment I look for the easiest and quickest way to get her back to sleep when she wakes up and that is milk. That’s right, I’m still feeding her in the middle of the night at almost 9 months old! I’ve tried water but that didn’t work! I’m going to give her till the end of the year before we try some more drastic measures. Speaking on sleeping through, I just heard some horror story from my siblings that I didn’t start sleeping through the night till I was about 3 years old when my mummy purposely forgot my bottle on a family trip! I apparently always woke up at least one for my bottle of Milo (a cocoa drink)… now THAT is scary…

Working is going well, still struggling to wake up in the morning after our usual night drama, but thankfully I’ve never been late to work (touch wood) so I will give myself a pat on the back! Thank God for my Mother-in-law, she is a true blessing and helps out so much! Not looking forward to her leaving towards the end of the year, but till then we’ll continue to make the most of it. Did I tell you we went to see Batman – Dark Night Rises? One of the best movies for 2012 in my opinion (can’t quite decide which I prefer, this or Avengers Assembly!). Also saw The Expendables 2 – absolutely hilarious! So we definitely are making the most of having MIL in town! 🙂

Are there any other good movies coming out or already out worth seeing?

Looking forward to tomorrow as that is the weekend for me! I’ve dropped my Wednesday day offs this month, so Monday to Thursday then weekend starts! Bring it on!

Enjoy the rest of the week people!


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4 comments on “Let the biting begin! And what else?

  1. OUCH is right!!! My son just bit me for the first time on Saturday night and it was his first birthday! Haha But oh, SO not funny! It still hurts seriously bad today because it actually caused a tiny cut in the nipple. 🙁 Did I mention he’s got 4 teeth? 🙁 Hope your little one doesn’t continue doing it! Oh and I haven’t seen the Avengers yet – I can’t wait to see it when it comes to dvd!

    • Hi Valerie! 4 teeth!! NOOO! The things these little people put us through! Oh well, lets pray it doesn’t last at all.
      Yeah we’re going to get the dvd of Avengers when it comes out too, absolutely loved it!

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