Junior turns 6 months today! 

My little man is 6 months old today! He is such a cheeky little man and can’t believe how much I love him to bits! It’s true what they say about the heart expanding when one has more kids! You don’t love one any less than the other… It’s truly amazing!

Now that we’ve gotten the mushy mushy stuff out of the way, I have to say my son has become a terrible sleeper! I am dreading going back to work if he keeps this up! I’ve lost count of how often he wakes up at night because I just say what’s the point? I look forward to the day he starts sleeping for 4-6 hours at a stretch. Right now he does the first 2-3 hours fine and after that he tends to wake up every 1-2 hours till he’s officially up at about 6.30am. Thank God my folks are still around so I’m able to take naps during the day, or else it would be another story…

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Shockingly, we made it to 6 months exclusively breastfed! Considering my first experience with Aj I’m surprised we lasted this long! He definitely made it so much easier for us although I suspect this is one of the reasons why he’s not a great sleeper too but I could be wrong. Maybe he just loves the boobs so much he can’t afford to be away from it for too long… Yes, the only way he goes back to sleep is if I breastfeed him!

We went for our first settling in period at the nursery yesterday and he was awesome! He played and didn’t get upset until I can back to pick him up! He’ll officially start next month – please make him stop growing!!

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We haven’t got any tooth yet but we’re sitting nicely and having two meals a day which he loves! He still prefers his fruits to veggies but he’d at least try them. He also seems to be quite ‘determined’, especially when he has had a enough of milk, he will turn his head in every direction but where the food is and he’s quite strong too, just like Aj! My mum says he is going to be as strong-willed as Aj, not sure how I feel about that but we’ll see! Oh and he loves looking for his sister’s trouble by pulling her hair, she still finds it funny… for now!


Happy 6 months my little man! We love you to the moon and back always…


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13 comments on “Junior turns 6 months today! 

  1. My cousin had the same problem with her ebf son. He could only sleep two hours at a stretch until he was eight months old. She always said he was “hooked on the boob”. My guess is that he wasn’t getting enough ounces from her during each feeding. So let’s say he needed eight ounces per feeding to tide him through the night, if she was only producing four at his last feeding then of course he was going to keep waking up!.
    At the time she also hadn’t heard of sleep training. So she just suffered until he hit the eight month mark

    • Hmmmm please do NOT remind me about sleep training, I was hoping I’ll be able to avoid that this time around… Waiting till my folks go or else my mum will just think I’m trying to murder her grandchild or something… lol! I do suspect he stocks up on solid in the day then uses the night time to stock up on milk as he’s not quite interested in milk during the day! 🙁

  2. In another 6 months, he will be one. Where does the time go? & hang in there mama, that lack of enough hours of sleep does something to mind & body. It wasn’t funny with Dundun.

  3. So so cute! Happy 6-months little guy! Gosh…they are both so cute!!! You make beautiful babies! With the sleep, I think each kid is different. My older daughter still wakes up for milk in the middle of the night. She will be 3 in November. The youngest? Has been sleeping 6-8 and sometimes 10-hours at night since she was 2-months. I wish her older sister would take lessons!

    • Awww that’s really cool that she still sleeps that way! Both of mine are terrible sleepers so I really should be used to it! Aj still wakes up at night too! X

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