Junior at 7 months – Crawling and Not Sleeping

Well! It’s been a minute here…

Life has been happening, as usual, my parents have gone back home, my big sis was here for a couple of weeks. She’s gone back too so now our home is very quiet once again… it’s taking some getting used to again as we’ve have family over for at least 3-4 months! It also means there’s no one to help out with carrying Junior any more but God being so good, my little man is on the move and he’s not slowing down for anyone!

Junior starting crawl last week, he started out slowly but now he’s getting fast! It’s exciting to watch and Aj is his own cheering team, even though sometimes she still wants to drag him along – we need to remind her to be patient with him. He is getting into everything and visiting all the rooms in the house, a major reminder for us to fix the stair gates! He loves banging things together and generally making noise with a little smile on his face!

Junior crawling at 7 months

In terms of temperament, he is still very much the gentleman thankfully. He is very chilled out and doesn’t cry unless he’s hungry or tired – although he’s getting to the separation anxiety stage so doesn’t like being left alone. We can already see the different personalities between Aj and Junior too. Aj was and still is a very smiley and bubbly little girl, as a baby she always had a smile on her face and giggled loads. With Junior, you have to work for it! He always looks serious and bored, bless him. If you want to get a smile or giggle out of him, get his big sister or else it will be hard work! I think Aj is going to be the extrovert while Junior the introvert, we’ll see…

Aj and her aunt Bola

Sleeping is still pretty much out the window – I could will write a whole post on this! We literally wing it every night and pray for the best! We still follow the night time routine and he goes off fine but still wakes up every 2-3 hours looking for boobies (yes, I’m still breastfeeding) or a bottle at least. Now that he is crawling I’m hoping that will tire him out a little bit so he’ll start to sleep better. However, I have accepted the fact that we won’t be sleeping through any time soon…

Weaning is also going fine – we have another sweet tooth on our hands who loves his fruits but he also does veggies too. We’re doing a combo of puree and baby led so he gets used to using his hands but right now it’s more of puree as I’m still nervous of him gagging. So far, he isn’t fussed, and eats most things but I remember this was how Aj started and today we have a very picky eater so I know it’s not over till it’s over!
My lovely kids - Aj and Junior

School is hard! I’ve got my final exams end of November/early December so I’ll probably be hibernating for the next few weeks while I try to do the last round of studying. Please pray for me, because my brain really isn’t what it used to be…

And lastly, I’m back to work on the 19th of this month!! 9 months have come and gone like that… I feel so blessed to be able to spend this time bonding with my little man and now I feel like I’m ready to get back into the real world! The honeymoon is just about over!

Have a lovely week and catch up with you soon!


11 comments on “Junior at 7 months – Crawling and Not Sleeping

  1. He is absolutely beautiful and congratulations on him crawling. Now time to babyproof. The joys right?
    You were certainly blessed to have had 9-months with him at home. I went back at 8-weeks but was able to telework for a month so I didn’t start leaving her completely at home until 12-weeks. It was and has been very hard but I think she is thriving having her sister with her.

    • Oh babyproofing!! I’ve forgotten what that is about! Ill need a reminder! I know, the joys we working mums go through, but yes I agree having a sibling always helps them. We’re doing good either way! X

  2. catching up! I can’t believe how big Junior is and I am only observing from a far. Loving that he is such a good eater – long may that last.

    Wishing you all the best for your exams and studies. I pray it all pays off! But first, back at work on monday…. yikes.

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