Junior at 6 weeks – The Colic Attack

A lot has been going on around here, the major one being colic… The dreaded colic attack!

Aj never had colic so I only heard about it but never really experienced it, thankfully I had been warned! Based on the little I’ve seen with it, I have to agree, colic is not a nice thing for a child to go through…

Colic is one of those things some babies apparently just have. Sometimes its mild – trapped wind and burping usually helps, but sometimes it could also lead to endless crying, especially in the evening. There’s no major cure for it but there are drugs which could help. It usually starts around 2 weeks and last till about 3 – 4 months. For more info check out the NHS link.

Around 4 weeks I noticed that when I would give Junior the bottle in the middle of the night he would get very restless and take much longer to settle. Sometimes he would cry and other times he would just squirm around a lot. This could go on for an hour or more even after I had burped him and he slept. So I did some research online and realised he had trapped wind which sometimes made him colicky.

From what I hear, it would seem we have a mild version of colic as he doesn’t cry too much. This could be because he is breastfed most of the time and only has a bottle of expressed milk when we’re out and about or at night. I also started him with the MAM Anti Colic bottle which Aj used (not because she was colicky but because I just loved the look of the bottle, so I knew I would use them again!) and I believe that’s helped to prevent him from taking in too much gas when he has a bottle of milk.

The last thing which I’ve tried and has truly helped him to burp a lot better is Infacol. It’s an antiflatulent which helps babies to pass trapped gas after a feed. Other substitutes are Gripe water and Colief which I never got to try as Infacol worked for us, but were recommended as well. I give him a dose (0.5ml) just before every other feed and so far that has helped loads with burping right after a feed. Hopefully, it’d last till the worst of the colic attack is over!

In other news, I went for a weigh-in on tuesday and not surprising my little man is turning into a big man! He now weighs 5.45kg (12lbs) at 6 weeks!! I knew he was getting heavier but wow! Thank God for good breastfeeding! 🙂

Have you experienced colic with your baby? Please share your tips and tricks to get through it!

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Happy Easter celebration to you guys and have a wonderful holiday with friends and family, we plan on doing the same!


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11 comments on “Junior at 6 weeks – The Colic Attack

  1. Awwww…I have only read about it but never really seen it in action since none of my nieces or nephews had it.
    Praying it goes away soon! He is so cute! I am sure its not easy seeing him cry. Hang in there momma. You’re doing all you can.

  2. My son had colic for only about a month or so. Infacol didn’t work for him (he kept projectile vomiting) so we switched to Gripe water, which worked like magic. By week 8, he was no longer crying and started sleeping quite well.

    Well done, mama. You’re doing great. The Lord is your strength!

  3. Colic is a pain. And we had a good dose of it for which neither infacol, gripe water nor colief worked. I would hold her upright for 15/20 minutes after a feed, including after I nursed during the night. This made a small difference, until we saw a Paed specialist. I do not wish it on anyone. Hope Junior is doing better now x

    • Hmmmm! The colic thing is a right nightmare! I’m slowing ticking off the drugs from my list, at this rate I’ll have to go down the paed route but let’s see how it goes… Thanks for the heads up Bee! X

    • Aww he’s so cute. I experienced colic with my first son, it was terrible, Infacol didn’t do much for him. He was eventually put on Debridat a french medication and it worked.Hope he’s doing better now.

      • Hmmmmmmmm, this colic is just nasty… I’ve never heard of that drug before! There’s just so many options out there I guess and one eventually should work! Thanks for stopping by Fese x

    • Thanks for that Timi! Yeah the burps just didn’t seem to be coming up at one time which led to the whole drama in the first place! I’ll have a look at the other techniques and see if any work! x

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