Junior at 2 Months – Now it’s Baby Rash

Junior turned two months over the weekend and I’m thankful to say we seem to be coming to the end of the battle with colic! Now I just pray it stays that way! But now we have another battle on our hands, an old adversary – baby rash or very dry skin :(. Just when I thought we had avoided it! For colic,  we had to switch to Colief as the Infacol became less effective – he started having periods of uncontrolled crying for a couple of hours which was just heartbreaking to watch! Once we switched to Colief that helped loads! We’re still on it now and haven’t had an incident in the last week so let’s pray it stays that way! Plus he burps a lot quicker now which also was a major concern in the past. Junior at 2 months Aj had baby rash when she was about a month old and it was BAD! Eventually she outgrow it but not without going through the full cycle of the rash and a whole bunch of different creams and emollients including Oilatum, Aveeno, Vaseline, Renew and Doublebase to name a few. Junior’s rash are still primarily on his body while he has a few pimple like spots on his face – something to do with the change in climate for him . Once again, I’ve been told it’s one of these things we’d have to ride out. In the meantime I’ve been given Hydromol emollient to use for the dry skin as what worked for Aj in the past doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect with the young man. So we’ll see how that goes… In more positive news, Junior is starting to have longer stretches of sleep at night! Sometimes he sleeps for up to 3-4 hours at night if I’m lucky. The dummy also helps a lot with settling at night and white noise which helps to sooth him. He is also becoming more aware during the day and his smiles are so beautiful, can’t get a enough of them! He also has a pretty good head control for his age so if he keeps this up it won’t be long before he’s raring to go like his sister! Three favourites I’m also very happy to say hubby has finally broken the bottle issue with Aj! He got sick and tired of seeing her with a bottle at night (even though it was empty!). We’ve also stopped the habit of her coming to sleep on our bed in the middle of the night! I was sooo happy when we finally fixed this one because the bed was becoming too small for all three of us! Sometimes hubby even had to sleep on the other end of the bed – it was that bad! It took about 4 nights of massive tantrums and tears but we persevered and came out victorious! Next stop, evicting Junior out of our room 🙂 Aj also seems to be settling a lot better to the fact that she’s no longer an only child. At some point she started acting out a lot in the nursery, throwing loads of tantrums and sometimes even hitting out. We also had the same issue at home where she was getting upset a lot more and the tantrums were really bad too but these have definitely reduced and the nursery confirmed it too. Thankfully she never lacked showering her baby brother with kisses, as we can see… Massive kisses from Aj You all enjoy the rest of the week and hope we continue to have glorious weather for the rest of the week! x P.S. Sadly, I didn’t win the Best Parenting/Family blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards 2014 :(. However I won’t have been nominated in the first place if it was for you so a massive thanks to you guys, I really appreciate all the love! Congrats to the winner – Motherhood In Style!

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7 comments on “Junior at 2 Months – Now it’s Baby Rash

  1. Sounds like you are starting to hit your strides. Congratulations! Pursuing baby boy continues to do better so you can get some much needed rest.

  2. You probably won’t believe me when I say I’ve only just seen this post today. I guess its testament to the fact that although babies are different, they do go through similar issues – such as skin ailments.

    Colief is a pain! I tried it for two days and gave up. How are you dealing with pumping then applying, then waiting the required minutes?

    • I’d barely finish pumping before the young man was screaming down the roof! Waiting those few
      minutes was NOT an option! So yes, that was indeed a pain! But it did the trick though thank God! Stopped using it after about 3 weeks and it seems to have done the job! X

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