Junior at 13 months – Breastfeeding, Milk and Sleep

My little man turned 13 months last week! Wow!

Since he started walking it’s like there’s no stopping him! He is into everything and already knows how to throw a tantrum! My goodness, when he doesn’t get what he wants! I don’t know where I got kids which such a temper from! It isn’t me, honest!!

He’s moving up in the world too as he’ll be having a taster session in the next class at nursery! He’s a proper toddler now trying to run and getting into everything! He’s always throwing things out of drawers and scattering everything! He’s also getting very good at harassing his sister especially when she’s playing with her toys and wants them in a particular order and he just comes in and destroys everything then Aj starts to wail! And to think this is just the beginning..

Aj & Junior

We’ve also stopped breastfeeding too! I’m glad we got to the 1 year mark so I know we can quit happily. As I’ve said in the past, breastfeeding the second time was way better than my first time – I was much better prepared and knew what worked for us so I’m happy I did that and didn’t listen to people who thought it was weird that I only breastfed from one boob – it worked perfectly for us and I breastfed Junior with one boob from 2 weeks till he was 1! I will miss the connection and bonding that comes with breastfeeding but I feel we’re ready to move on…
Junior and Daddy

Sleeping is getting better, could still improve but I know now definitely isn’t the best time since hubby is away week days and weekends are too short to do much in terms of creating a new routine – so maybe during a nice holiday or something? Or maybe he’ll just suddenly start sleeping through the night without any work from us… in my dreams!

Junior and Daddy again

The milk situation is still being reviewed! Goat milk worked for a bit until he started throwing up at night – although I suspect that was because he was stuffing himself silly even though he was a bit poorly. At the moment we’re back to milk formula but that’s just about finishing up so I’ll be trying semi-skimmed milk as I’ve heard that’s helped as well. That’s also handy because that is what we drink at home so won’t have to buy different types of milk! It does mean I’d have to make sure he is getting his required nutrients from other meals and possibly multi-vitamins to be on the safe side.


It never ends right? 🙂

On that note, you all have a lovely week and catch up with you later!


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  1. You did great getting to a year! Way to go!!!

    My youngest is doing the same with her older sister. Last weekend, she started taking things from her and running away. The older one comes to me crying while the younger one sticks out her tongue and laughs. Makes me laugh cause I know it is just the beginning!

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