Junior at 12 weeks – He’s Growing too Fast

Junior turns 12 weeks this week and I feel I need to just get it out there, I am truly thankful for having a good baby. I feel it’s only right I should say this now so that if my sweet baby changes overnight I can look back on happy posts like this and know I had it good at one time and hopefully I’d see such days again! 🙂

Why did I feel I needed to get that out there? Well, every time I speak to my friends and family and I’m asked the usual questions about how I’m coping with a baby and all, I realised I always had the same answer! Junior is a darling, it’s madam Aj that is terrorising us! This picture sums it up pretty much…

Aj Terrorisng Junior

She smulders him with kisses and bear hugs and I mean big bear hugs! I know it’s sweet and all, but I worry still! We keep telling her to be gentle – sometimes she listens, or times she does what’s in her mind and that girl is strong-willed o! To be fair, she does what she sees us doing, I give Junior kisses all the time and she’s only doing the same so we just need to be consistent and remind her to be gentle. That said, I’m thankful this is the story I have to tell and not one that mentions biting and hitting!

In other news, Junior is still in 0-3 months old clothes, just barely! He is definitely going to be another chunky little man like his sister! He has become a pro with the mini press ups and can pretty much hold his head on his own so I imagine he’ll be sitting with little support in no time.

We still don’t have ‘all through the night’ sleeper yet but we’re getting there! We’ve gotten into a decent night time routine now, I’m hoping the 4 month sleep regression doesn’t mess this up!

6.30pm – Bath

7-7.30pm – Breastfeed & Bedtime (at which time Aj has a bath then bedtime at 8pm)

10-11pm – Wakes up – breastfeed

2-3am – Wakes up – bottle feed

6-7am – Wakes up for the day

Selfie with the kids

Hubby says I’m always carrying him around and not letting him have much floor time – this might be true but when I look at Aj whom I barely get any cuddles from again, I’ve decided to make the most of this moment! I now truly understand the infamous phrase ‘Kids grow up so fast’ I’m getting my fill of baby cuddles because I don’t know when next I’ll get them and that includes taking loads of selfies!!

Super family weekend

And that was our Super Hero costume for a family party we went to over the weekend! Had loads of fun dressed up as Wonder Woma(e)n, Superbaby and Tony Stark 🙂

Have a lovely hump day!


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12 comments on “Junior at 12 weeks – He’s Growing too Fast

  1. Ah the good ole four month regression – here’s hoping you have a lucky escape. Loving his sweet cheeks! He and Aj look so alike in the picture, second from the bottom.x

    • Oh don’t mind me, I’ve got a post draft which has a review on it! I will finish up and publish at some point! But it’s awesome! Really happy with it! x

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