Junior 1 Month later… I have been deceived!

Where do I start! I can’t believe Junior is a month old already! Don’t get me wrong, I have counted each and every single day yet here we are at one month already! It’s been quite the ride, can’t say I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it but it’s been worth it. But I have to say that this young man deceived me! He has changed from his 10 day old self

Junior has turned into a food guzzler! It honestly feels like I spend the whole day feeding the little man! He eats LOADS! I’m still exclusively breastfeeding him so it is on demand and I mean on his demand! On a good day he goes 2-3 hours between feeds but he seems to be going through a number of growth spurts in the past two weeks so he’s been feeding almost every 1-2 hours! And night times are no exception either! He usually does one big sleep between 8.30/9pm and 11/12am then after that all bets are off! I still pump and bottle feed at least once a day to take a break at night but it doesn’t do much difference if you ask me!

Aj seems to be settling down in terms of the tantrums and getting used to having a baby brother in the house. She still gives him loads of kisses, cuddles and loves stroking his hair but we’re always telling her to be gentle and we still need to watch her like a hawk just in case! She also sings to him sometimes which is lovely to watch. Soon she’ll be reading bedtime stories to him when it’s time for bed! 🙂

Thankfully, I’m almost back to my old self! I’ve lost quite a bit of the pregnancy weight which is great now I need to gather myself and get back to being active but I’m still so tired during the day due to lack of sleep at night! I’m just praying Junior starts to sleep better at night so I can get on to other things and plan myself better.

My school work is still taking a back seat but I’m trying to catch up. Thankfully I haven’t missed too much but I need to clock in more hours to be fully up to speed with the rest of the class. So far I’m still enjoying it and learning loads of little bits and pieces which I’ve never thought about before so I’m still happy with what I paid for the course.

Hopefully I’ll also get back to my weekly blogging at least – that’s my plan for April! April is the month where I expect to get into a better routine with everything and everyone!

I really need tips on managing two kids and myself better though? So I’m all ears people! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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  1. Awww…he is so cute! I bet his nursing is helping you with the weight loss. Hang in there momma. I know the feeling and am already starting to panic that it’ll be me in a few short weeks :-).

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