June – The Month That was all about Family

June was a very busy month for us, but we loved every single minute of it! As my nephew made his début appearance into this world, we had to attend his naming ceremony up in Scotland as is tradition. It was a long drive about 5.5 hours, Anjie was a darling, most of the time, but we still had to make a several stops when she started getting cranky.
Deji Pamz and baby OJJ

That’s the new mummy and daddy in native Yoruba attire!

After the naming ceremony, we came home, not just by ourselves but with my folks! It was lovely seeing them again after over a year – the last time they saw Anjie was when she was only a couple of months! Seems like a life time ago really and for Anjie it most definitely was! We face time with my folks all the time but it was still very funny to see how Anjie acted around them! She avoided them when she could and didn’t let them carry her until they had been here for close to a week, then they left! But at least they got there in the end…

Then cousin JJ came around and Anjie was all over him with kisses and hugs! I think Anjie is trying to tell us something – she did the exact same think with cousin OJJ!! I think she’s at that stage where she’s in love with babies and toddlers her age or young! Other than that, no comment!

Grandma, JJ and Anjie

The gang - Anjie and JJ

Then after my sister and her family left with my folks, my other sister and cousin from Liverpool came around! And Anjie was pretty much the same! You can’t fault the girl for being consistent in her approach! But once again, they got there in the end and reached a balance…

more family


And of course, a last picture of Anjie looking very summery, just like the glorious weather!



As much as I love my family and June was a lovely month, I’m definitely looking forward to a more chilled out July… we’ll see how that works out!

You all have a lovely week!


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