Is this what long distance relationships feel like?

So hubby got a new job – Yipppeeeee!

The not so great news is the job is in London. We live in North Wales. That is over 200 miles or 3 hours drive one way. No joke.

I know some might ask why I don’t look for a job down south and move, the idea has crossed my mind but I’m not so sure…

For one thing, it’s fixed term so that means it could be over in the next 3 months or he could still be doing it a year from today, who knows. There’s no point moving the whole family if it isn’t going to last.

Hubby and I have also never really been a fan of London. It’s lovely to go visit – we’ve got loads of family down south – but to actually live there, I’m not so such. We both love our ‘bigger’ houses and open space at a much cheaper rate than we’d get down south.

We’ve also found this amazing private school for Aj and Junior where the fees is actually very good! If we wanted to get something like that down south I’m pretty sure there’s no way we would be able to afford it. Things are a lot more expensive the further south you go.

So really it’s a tough one… That said, I’m not going to worry myself too much as these things have a way of sorting themselves out.

This is week 3 of hubby being gone for the week and its been an experience! What with working full time, getting the kids to nursery and big school, their unpredictable sleeping patterns (I know, I know, sleep training…), it is exhausting. The hardest part is when work throws a curve ball and tell me I need to be in London for next week for a meeting! I obviously need to get back in time to pick up my kids, or else I’m in trouble!

These days I’m already in bed by 9pm – be that in my room or the kids room, it makes no difference to me… Most of all, we miss him. Aj is used to running to her daddy when I upset her so she doesn’t have that shield – I feel for her. Junior couldn’t care less and just gets on with it – I love his indifference at his age, all he cares about is his food and toys. However, when their daddy gets back, it makes it all worth it.

After saying all that, its been enlightening because you honestly don’t know what/how much you can do when you’re stretched and pushed to do it. That said, I’d like to have my husband back like yesterday thank you very much! It’s just nice to know there’s another adult in the house in case one of us needs to make a dash somewhere, or pick up the kids or just chill-out and have a cuddle! It definitely means I treasure my weekends now more than ever and I don’t take it for granted at all.

I am toying with the idea of getting some help but not quite sure if I could do with a live-in help as I love my privacy too much – plus it’s crazy expensive! The kids have a great routine so I don’t want to shake it up too much again so I guess it’s about figuring out what kind of help I’d need first then look for something along those lines.

Once again, I have a much deeper respect for single parents and people in long(er) distance relationships! You guys are truly amazing! God bless and strengthen you!

I’m counting down the days till weekend and most especially till this ‘period’ is over!

Any tips for me?

Have a lovely week!


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