Hubby’s Birthday 2014 & Father’s day weekend

Last week was hubby’s birthday and it was father’s day too! So hubby had a really nice treat! It was a bit of a busy weekend as we had a wedding that weekend down south as well, so we drove down and also got to see some old family friends.

This year’s birthday cake we decided to go for Adventure Time which is a current favourite of hubbys! He said this has to be the best cake yet! I don’t know, the android cupcakes were pretty cool… The Chelsea cake? not so much!
Adventure time birthday cake

AJ got to see her favourite big cousin, K.O and baby brother over the weekend too! She then decided to stay up till past midnight watching football with the men! Can I also add she was still one of the first to wake up around 8.30am the next day, I don’t know how she does it!

Potty training is still a no-show! She’ll refuse to use the potty but will happily let me know she’s done a poo! Thankfully, she’s moving to the next class in her nursery and that’s one of the things they actively teach them so figured I’ll just wait till then, then we’ll all do it together! It’s a win-win situation! 🙂

For Father’s day hubby got a personalised ‘chocolate bar’, a signed card from AJ, a certificate, a personalised key-ring AND a picture frame from school!!! He even got a breakfast pack containing a banana, coffee & a cereal bar (which I ate)! I didn’t get most of this during mother’s day!! And they say mothers have all the fun/gifts, yeah right!











My nephew Ojj also turned 1 a day after hubby’s birthday! He is such a happy little camper all cheeky smiles with his afro! Love you to bits nephew and may God continue to bless and keep you as you grow every day! May you always be a constant source of joy and happiness to your parents and those around you xx



You all enjoy the rest of you week!


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