How to Baby Proof your Home Infographic

So, yes I work for MoneySupermarket and all, but this is a piece I can definitely relate to!

Baby proofing our home is something we’re still constantly doing (even with a 14 month old baby), especially as we recently moved house. As much as we try to give Anjie the space to run around and have fun we also have to look out for her safety. One of her favorite places is the kitchen, which isn’t always a good thing what with all the cooking going on in there! But everyday is a school day so we live and learn! She’s definitely getting to that stage where she wants to be more independent and roam the house as and when she pleases! We’ve done quite a bit so I’m happy with the baby proofing we’ve done, the rest, we’ll deal with as and when required!

Here’s the infographic on baby proofing your house!How to Baby Proof your Home

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