How Are We Sleeping now? 18 weeks

So we’re back from our holiday and must say, it was great except for the horrible weather, wet wet wet all through the week! Quite annoying really! But all the same, managed to see a few old friends and did a bit of shopping too so that was fun! Anije was generally great all through the week and fell in love with her uncle all over again (who I might add was so kind to allow us our first official date night, something I would definitely love to do on a regular basis but oh well…)

So what were we up to last week? And how is our sleep regression?

Newcastle upon Tyne… I love and miss that town! That was my first touch down when I came to the UK for my Masters in 2007, and where I met my hubby, got my first job, etc etc… So obviously I have a few friends there, although a number of them have since moved on like us. Stayed with my brother who absolutely adores Anjie and they got on like a house on fire! So much so we left them to watch the ‘Avengers Assemble’ movie (which was totally awesome I might add). She woke up had some milk and decided to keep her uncle company even though this was around 10pm and wayyy pass her bedtime, bless her! She knew mummy wasn’t around to enforce bedtime! She eventually went back to sleep just before we got back around 11.30pm.

Here’s Anjie with her uncle Joshua!


Funny enough, people said Anjie looked like her uncle too! That was a first! Do they???

On to our sleep regression/growth spurt! Well we seem to be coming out of it now ( hope i dont jinx it!) although our dummy runs are still a tad bit more than I would like… Almost makes me want to wean her off the dummy actually but not sure we are ready for that yet! Like Mrs K. mentioned, having some decent daytime naps (anything from 2-4 hours) seem to help a lot, so I’ve been trying to enforce that, not easy but we’re getting there. Plus it also gives me me time during the day! So we’re back to one feed a night, thank God and I pray it stays that way too! There was a particular night she woke up three times to eat between 8pm and 7am! That was not nice!!

We’re also looking to move Anjie to her own room in May because she’s becoming more ‘aware’. Now when she wakes up she looks around for us in her cot! This is cute and all but I don’t want to form a habit so think she needs to start gaining some independence! Wish I could wait till when she starts sleeping through but only God knows when that’ll be! I’m actually looking forward to getting my room back too! Tired of tip-toeing and whispering around the bed for fear that madam might wake up! Wish us luck!

Generally Anjie is growing just fine. We’re mostly in 3-6 months clothing now although can still get away with a few 0-3 months. She’s also starting to play more on her own which is nice, although she hates being alone for long, so will look up from time to time to make sure someone is nearby. She plays in her play mat or even on the sofa with a muslin cloth (don’t get it myself but she loves it!) or one of her soft toys. We’re also waiting for her to roll even though she is now a pro at her push-ups now, so any day now…

Lastly, this heres’s a favourite picture of mine – my baby all dressed up for church!


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2 comments on “How Are We Sleeping now? 18 weeks

  1. Loving the last pic – she is so cute. It’s funny because S loves playing with her muslin as well, over most of her ‘proper’ toys! Where did you get the headband? I am looking for some for S.

    • Thanks Chichi :-). At least I know my know my daughter is ‘bush’! Lol! Just shocks me how much she enjoys the muslin! Got it off eBay, came in a pack of 20 different colours too! Lemme know if you want the link and I’ll dig it up.

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