How are we Crawling, Standing and Sleeping…?

It’s official, Anjie is crawling!!! And is she stopping there?? Nooooo, she’s using everything in her path to stand up now! I’m talking my legs, her daddy, her cot, chairs, sofas and heck, even the radiators (quite worrying I tell you)! It’s so lovely to see and I’m so proud of her! And she’s so fast too! I wasn’t expecting her to do much of these things until like 8-9 months! But believe me, I’m glad!

These achievements remind me of the Pampers commercial which shows babys’ climbing chairs with Coldplay’s Viva la Vida playing as a soundtrack. Their smiles at the end their climbs were soo proud and happy! That’s the smile Anjie has when she stands up and I just can’t get enough of it… An example being this picture! Very cheeky! Especially since she was supposed to be asleep!

Standing in Bed
Yes, I’ve finally started adding little touches to Anjie’s room, like her name in wood carvings which was done by Helen at Pretty Little Letters, which I absolutely love! And her prices are pretty good too! Next stop, some pictures…

As much as it’s lovely to see her doing all these new development she seems to be taking it out on sleep. These days she wakes up 2-4 times at night and doesn’t go back to sleep without breastfeeding. This seems to be another bad habit we’ve picked up; she’s lost the ability to self-soothe, so most times she falls asleep while feeding, any other way, she just cries and gets crankier and even more crankier :(. I’m hoping this is a bit like the sleep regression thing and this shall pass because it’s starting to get old!

Weaning is finally starting to look up. I’m gradually trying to add another meal during the day to make it 3 meals a day, even if it’s more of a snack like yoghurt (which she absolutely loves!) or a finger food. She’s still loving the pots and porridges and still a little picky with my meals, but oh well – once again, this too shall pass! 🙂

This is also my final month for my maternity leave, I’ll be back at work by August… I’m so thankful that I’ve been home with my baby to watch her grow so much and achieve a lot of her milestones! At this point, I’m sort of looking forward to work actually! I have missed my job, colleagues, doing research and dealing with clients so quite excited. I know the initial weeks are going to be hard, readjusting to waking up early no matter how rough the night was and coming home tired but I’m going to take it one day at a time and make the best of the ‘holiday’ I have left…

What would make me extremely happy is if Anjie starts sleeping through before/when I resume, that would be the proper icing on the cake! But till then, I can dream, can’t I?

Enjoy the rest of your week people!

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4 comments on “How are we Crawling, Standing and Sleeping…?

  1. Yup you can dream. I would give anything to experience what it would feel like to see my own child crawling. Till then, I guess I will do likewise….dream on!

    • Thanks for stopping by Tope! I’m sure it’s only a matter of term before both our dreams come true! So we’ll just keep it alive till then 😀

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