Help, My daughter is becoming a DIVA

I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be this soon!

Since winter is coming and all, hubby and I thought it was time we get a new winter jacket for Anjie since she’s outgrowing her old ones. We went into town and got a nice red winter jacket thinking she would look gorgeous in it and couldn’t wait for her to wear it.

The next day being a school day, I got Anjie ready, had breakfast everything and then it was time to leave the house. So I get the new red coat and my daughter says ‘No’. In my mind I’m like yeah right, my friend will you wear this jacket, I don’t have time for this this early morning but instead I try psyching her, that doesn’t work, so I just rush to wear the jacket and my daughter is kicking and screaming shouting No No No (currently her favourite word really). Even her dad who is great at cheering her up can’t help. I finally manage to get it on and bundle her into the car about 15 mins later than planned and my daughter cries the whole 9 mins drive to her nursery.

When one of her minders asked who upset her she pointed at me! Thank you very much Anjie!

Its been close to a month now and we haven’t worn the red coat again. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried – telling her to pick her coat out of two, psyching, insisting, it just hasn’t worked! The girl is stubborn! It looks like that coat will be going on eBay very soon…

The moral of the story? Make sure you take your kids daughter clothes shopping with you and let them pick clothes they want to wear too! Is this sustainable? I don’t know but it’s definitely cheaper!

This is just one of many really. I’m pretty sure I’m on earring number 6 now. She hates wearing them and fiddles with them so much they eventually come off, most times without me knowing until it’s too late. Her hair? that’s another story!

But jokes apart, someone please tell me this is just a phase…


We haven’t had another toilet incident, thank God, but we’re still getting to grabs with this potty business… It’s going to be a long one :(. But on a plus side, we’ll be using the training pants from next week :)!

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7 comments on “Help, My daughter is becoming a DIVA

  1. Heard this before amongst friends who’ve got daughters. And she’s only two….for real? You see this why boys are just a dream ;-), My son hasnt yet started this but now I am worried cos DD is bound to exhibit this at some point. I do come bearing good news though, like I said earlier, I’ve this before so rest assured that it IS just a phase…lol. Apparently, she will soon want to pick out which dress she wants to wear too so….be prepared.

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