Happy New Year – in a few hours!

As the year quickly comes to an end I thought it’ll be a good idea to just say thank you to all my offline and online friends! For being there, reading, dropping comments (or not) and just sharing our lives with us. 

The tail end of the year has been quite busy and when I closed from work for the year I thought I might as well just take a full break – which I did an absolutely loved! But I also missed blogging too! Little bits and pieces happened here and there which I wanted to share with you guys but I didn’t!

I’m hoping next year will be a much better blogging year for me, I don’t know how considering I’m going back to work full time but somehow I will make it happen! Even if it means blogging on the ‘go’ which I normally don’t like doing! It is one of my many ‘resolutions’ for the new year! And there’s no time like the present to start, right?

And on that note, you all have an amazing new year, may it be filled with joy, laughter and so much more!

Have a blessed and fabulous 2016!!


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