Happy Mother’s day – Mumspiration

Happy Mother’s days!

Honestly, I have a whole lot more respect and admiration for my mum now that I’ve become a mum too! To think she had 5 kids while I’m just getting by with only 1! My mum is amazing! Which is why when Tesco Clothing got in touch to join in the Mumspiration challenge I thought why not!

I was given £50 to shop at Tesco Clothing F&F, based on how my mum has inspired me. I thought this would be quite easy to do but figured since my mum is far away in another country, I might as well get Anjie to join in the fun instead! I have to said, Abby did feel a little left out though! Sorry love!

So online I went to get some clothes for Anjie and I. After all, I hope to inspire my daughter the same way my mum inspired me! And here’s the outfits we got with £50! Quite a good deal I’d say…





My Aztec tunic top – £18
My Cherokee denim jacket – £24
Anjie’s Aztec Jacquard dress – £9
Anjie’s pink denim jacket – £12

Picking this outfit was quite simple really, I wanted something which sort of matched. That said, I’m a simplicity dresser if there’s such a word, something I got from my mum again. Elegant but simple… And that’s what I went for!

I miss my mum to bits and even though we FaceTime at least once a week, sometimes even more, but you just can’t beat the physical thing! So I’ll definitely be having a chat with my mum this evening!

To celebrate Mother’s Day we all had a family day in Chester, had a walk by the riverside and had a massive meal. We even took a few family selfies! 🙂



Here’s to many more blessed and wonderful mother’s days to all we mothers and mothers to be! May it always be celebrated with the people that made us feel like mothers and mean the world to us…

Have a lovely weekend



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