Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful daughter

My baby girl turns 5 years old today! I know I probably say this every year but I’m still amazing at where the time has gone!

We have so much to be thankful for, and this young missy is one of them! She is growing up every day to be strong, beautiful and amazing little lady and we’re so blessed to be her parents!

The last few months have got to be one of the most eye-opening periods for me because she started Reception in September and to see what’s she has learnt in this short period is just amazing and makes me so proud. From barely recognising her alphabets when she started to not only recognising them but also sounding them out, writing them and reading as well! She has transitioned so smoothly into big school it’s like I was being silly worrying about it all along! Yes, we have some good days and not so great days but you can actually see the difference in how she handles herself and strives to be and do better every day. I am also continually learning patience in the face of pressure and to pick my battles wisely!

This year, we had a little party for her similar to last year and invited family, classmates and friends to a kids soft play centre. We had to do it the Saturday before her birthday as I figured there was no way I’d throw a party on Christmas Eve and people would come! So she actually had two parties – her birthday party day and her actual birthday where she took a cake and some treats to holiday club and they sang for her again! She’s a very lucky girl and I make sure she knows it!

It’s been an amazing year watching her grow in confidence and maturity – especially when it comes to her baby brother who she’s always trying to mother or smoulder him depending on what’s going on! I’m looking forward to even more year blessed and beautiful years ahead and I thank God for her life every single day…

And now that my Christmas baby’s birthday is out of the way, I can now say Merry Christmas and Happy New year, hope you all enjoy the holiday and have a wonderful time with family and loved ones… Now, I need to go start wrapping their Christmas presents!


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