Hanging out with Cousin JJ

Last bank holiday weekend we went down to MK to visit family as we hadn’t seen them this year! Anjie loves her cousin JJ so thought it’d be fun for them to hang out a bit.

I’m sure I mentioned this a while ago but can’t remember when but anyway Anjie is still very much into her bottle so hubby and I conveniently forgot her bottle at home! We figured it’d be a good time as any to get her off her night-time milk bottle once and for all… Oh the plans of men…


As expected Anjie and JJ were so happy to see each other! They met at the door and were all smiles at each other! Sadly, I didn’t capture the moment as I was too happy to see JJ too! He is all grown up now and he’s lost his cute baby afro and looks like a young boy now! Still miss the fro though!

Anjie took on the role of the big sis offering to feed JJ and all, not like he needed it though, just Anjie being a little madam. She also gave him loads of smothering hugs like she always does, bless her!


Then it turned out Tuface was in town that weekend so of course we all had to go see him! It was a bit of a disaster as he only sang for about 15 minutes then disappeared (after waiting like 3 hours too oh!)! Do NOT get me started on Nigerian artists that are quite full of it! Anyway we had lovely suya (roasted spicy beef) which I hadn’t had in years and listened to naija music and danced! We had a great time overall, excluding the Tuface part.

Before we left for the concert we tried to get the kids to sleep but they just weren’t having it! And once Anjie saw JJ with his bottle that was it! For the sake of peace we ‘borrowed’ one of JJ’s bottles and that was the end of us trying to get Anjie off her bottle! Oh well, better luck next time :).










We also went to feed the ducks by the lake – my daughter was still scared of the ducks even though JJ, if he had his way, would have carried them! But seeing him chase them definitely gave her more courage around them though! So at least we’re making progress…



Just before it was time to go Anjie got very cranky then fell asleep and we ceased the moment and bundled her in the car and zoomed off! We hate teary goodbyes… I’m sure they’ll be seeing themselves very soon again anyway – on Facetime! 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and here’s to even more sunshine this week!


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