Growing up and moving on – Anjie at 25 months

First of all, happy anniversary to us! Abby and I got married this time 3 years ago, or as a friend of mine would say – 3 years don waka pass … It’s been awesome, fun, amazing, crazy, annoying, hilarious, blessed, fruitful, grateful, grace-filled, enlightening, eye-opening… (I could go on really) but in all, I’m so blessed to be married to this wonderful man I call my husband who never cease to amaze me in so many different ways and it’s even more exciting to know our best days are ahead of us… Amen!

Our traditional wedding
Our traditional wedding in 2011

Alright! Moving on before I get too mushy mushy and burst into a song!

I thought I’d just talk generally about life with our 25 month old missy, with loads of pictures of course – Something I haven’t done in a bit!

Potty training! Well that really is non-existent! I blogged about this a while ago and let’s just say since then nothing has happened! My daughter initially was excited and quite keen on her potty but now she’s absolutely not interested! She wants nothing to do with it and so has not to be a pushy mum (haha) I’ve decided to let her be… for now… Hopefully we’ll sort this out within the next few weeks/months! No pressure, no problem at all!

Anjie in mummys shoes

My baby is just growing up everyday! She’s moved to her next class in her nursery and I almost cried! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s moving on and all but I really loved the ladies in her old room! They were so nice and you could tell they had a really soft spot for Anjie so I knew she was always in good hands! In this new room, my daughter cries every morning when I drop her off! Not a good sign really, she keeps trying to go back to her old room :(. Now, I have to distract her with something from the house – her favorite book or a fruit from home – and that usually distracts her until I make my escape! The ladies say once I leave she’s all smiles and gets right into things – I’ve seen pictures of this myself so it helps me sleep at night. The good news is this will be her last ‘move’ till she goes to reception, thank God for that!

Anjie wants to be like daddy

Anjie running as usual

I’m starting to get the hang of doing Anjie’s hair too. I can even do a simple weave, most days! She lets me do one or two while she watches her favourite show, then she goes off to play with something else, comes back, we continue and it goes on and on… It takes me a couple of hours but it gets the job done and we’re both happy at the end of the day! Next step? Including extensions and doing a proper braid with beads and that girlie stuff! Don’t know when this will happen, but we’ll get there! I’m also trying out the co-washing thing (I had to google this myself! It’s washing with a conditioner only) because her hair doesn’t get dirty much, but it gets dry very quickly so trying out new things. I swear the girl has more ‘organic’ products than I do even when I had hair! Now we just need to get the back hair growing out faster…

Anjie raiding the fridge

That’s Anjie raiding the fridge, she opened it herself… No place is safe from this girl!

Happy Valentine’s day in advance to all the lovers and friends out there and have a lovely week!


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