Goodbye to the Dummy – 10 Month

So this week aside from Anjie walking, we’ve decided to say good-bye to the dummy, even though it was a lifesaver. The nights haven’t been easy but we’re getting there… As much as I loved the dummy I’ve always had this fear at the back of my mind that she would get too attached to it if we left it too late, heard too many horror stories really! Overall she took it quite well, not missing it at all but she’s been waking up quite a bit at night looking for food! Do babies still have growth spurts at this age? Or could she just be getting more teeth?

She’s got 4 now, so cute! (I have to say it was a real struggle getting her to show the top teeth! But the bottom two are always easy…)


So what else have we been up to?


Anjie’s getting more and more confident in her walking! It’s amazing to think she only really started last week! Now she can turn, ‘reverse’ and even clap or carry things while she’s walking! It’s sooo lovely to watch! Now she literally walks all over the house, stop to pick up a thing or two then keep moving. By the end of the month she’ll be a pro at this rate! She can even quicken her pace when she’s excited (which is almost all the time!) but not quite running yet! That would be scary if she could!

She’s also growing a cheeky personality, doing naughty stuff like pinching or even biting my finger or cheek! And tugging her hands when she doesn’t want to go with you! She’s a right madam really! Oh and I’m now her favourite person again! I’m guessing this is because I’m back at work and hubby works from home now so she sees him and grandma more than she does me… I’m not complaining one bit!

She’s also talking a lot more, blabbing really with a few mama and baba thrown in there. She can climb the stairs easy now and also gets of the sofa and our bed without falling. I have to says that’s a real achievement considering how long we’ve been working on it! And she holds her bottle and tilts it to drink her milk or water.

Weaning is also going on great. Still give her baby food but she’s eating a lot of what we eat now, and even eating the spicy stuff too, considering she didn’t like it in the past. She loves to feed her self even though she’d make a complete mess of it but she’s getting there. Soon she’ll be demanding a fork and knife! It’s amazing to see how much she has grown and I’m just so thankful!

Next stop? Sleeping through and talking…

You all have a great week ahead and blog soon!


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