Getting ready for Potty training

Isn’t it funny how when raising kids there are different stages and hurdles to cross every single day! I means these babies and toddlers know how to keep us on our toes! First I was battling with breastfeeding then teething, sleep training, disciplining and now it’s Potty training!

Bring out the instruction book and let’s get reading again!

So Potty training is something I’ve been thinking about a lot! And I mean a lot! I’ve been dreading it really.

I know this is something everyone approaches quite different but I was still extremely shocked to read on one of the many mummy forums&groups I follow how some mothers start potty training as early as when their little ones are 4 months! I almost wept for the poor child! Of course I know every parent has their own unique parenting style and all but the thought of doing this at this stage is just shocking for me. All that stress, on the mother AND the poor child! Anyway, I wrote an epistle for a comment when I saw it… But yes, each to his own.

Anyway, back to me! Now that Anjie is coming closer to the 2 year mark the plan was to get her potty trained by her second birthday/end of 2013. By then she’d be talking a lot more and be able to tell me she wants to do a ‘wee wee’ or a ‘poo’, we would communicate and do it TOGETHER as a team! That was my plan! But these kids, they have other plans really…

So a few days ago, my daughter woke up around 7.30am in the morning (she usually does this if she sleeps through the night in her cot) and was having a chat with herself as usual, so I thought, I’ll catch some more sleep since I was off work that day and all. So around 8am I went in to check on her as she was getting a little more restless in her ‘chatter’. The sight that met my eyes will never be forgotten…

My daughter had stripped out of her sleeping bag, out of onesies, removed her NAPPY AND done a poo right on the bed sheets! Needless to say I was speechless. And what could my daughter say? ‘Uh-oh, oh dear’ with an innocent look on her face.

Did I mention she did the same like a week back when she peed on the bed? I should have known…

So, what is the moral of this story? My daughter is ready for potty training. End of discussion.

And because I could never write a post without adding a picture… here’s my little mischievous extremely cheeky daughter whom I love to bits playing with some cool sunglasses I got from work!


Have a lovely weekend!


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9 comments on “Getting ready for Potty training

  1. Ahaha! Angie baby. Keeping mum on her ties for sure!
    All the best
    Ps I also don’t understand mums that potty train as early as four months. But why???

  2. Oh wow, she is ready!!! That’s great! We’re all setup in our new place and Avery’s potty is in the bathroom ready to go… he still doesn’t seem ready tho… keep me posted on your progress!

  3. omg! lol…..didn’t see that one coming πŸ™‚ re the poo in the bed. I started training my LO when he was almost two as well, but I took it really nice and slow. I wasn’t sure if he was ready or not, i just took the plunge anyways because we were expecting another LO and the prospect of buying two different sets of nappies just was not appealing to me, all in all, it took about 2 months to get him there and now he can go pee all by himself!
    I reckon your daughter is ready, as long as she can say a few words, then she’ll be able to say pee pee or poo. Don’t rush it though, let her learn at her own pace…goodluck!

    • Thanks so much for that Fadekemi! Honestly, I have to say this is one of those things I really don’t have a clue about! I’ve tried to read up on it but it just looks like gibberish! So yes, I will definitely be taking it slow and will be needing that good luck too… πŸ™‚

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