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Father’s day is something we used to celebrate in church, on a Sunday and that was it! Coming to be the UK, its been quite interesting to see its done a little different here, sort of like Mother’s day which was fun. Anjie made some cards from school, and I got a few lovely gifts from hubby – I felt loved and thankful to be a mother! My First Years So when My1stYears got in touch asking if I would be interested in reviewing their gifts for Father’s day I thought, why not! I haven’t still quite figured out what Anjie & I will be getting for her daddy but her nursery has hinted at some lovely gifts which just might be worth paying for! In the meantime, here are my thoughts on! I love personalised gifts so when I first had a look at the options for dads I really liked the fact that there were gifts which could be personalised. However, after looking further I couldn’t quite find a personalised gift that held my attention, so I decided to go with something rather unusual. I loved the packaging it came with after I requested it, almost more than the gift itself! It really made me believe their phrase ‘Made with love‘. I picked the Helicopter paper weight & pen partly because I thought it would look great on hubby’s desk and he & Anjie would be fascinated by it and I wasn’t wrong! Obviously it came a little early so I could review in time for Father’s day so here are some pictures!   20140610-225907-82747070.jpg 20140610-225907-82747426.jpg 20140610-225908-82748603.jpg 20140610-225908-82748098.jpg All in all, I think I can say we’re happy with the gift, especially the packaging! So if you’re still thinking about gifts for Father’s Day other than our undying love and affection check out! Enjoy the rest of your week! X I was given this gift for free to review on my blog – opinions are my own

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