Getting into a New Routine – Work, School & Nursery

The first week of back to school was last week and we made it! It’s going to take some getting used to this routine, but I believe we’re in a good place. It also helps that I only have to go to work Monday mornings for now, so means I can get the hang of things pretty well before I increase my hours and officially resume next month!

Overall the kids did great! Junior was just his usual chilled out self, thank God! The nursery said he plays and sleeps quite well, but the food was hit and miss, partly because he’s been off his food – I suspect it’s due to teething! Aj was a little nervous when dropping her off which is understandable considering the new environment and change of faces. I realised though that she is a lot better when I drop her off earlier when there are less kids out and about so that’s been working good for us now!

Mondays are the busiest because obviously I go to work so everyone has to go to nursery and I at work for latest 9am – this needs to change to about 8.30am soon though! So I drop Aj off a school for 8.10am for Breakfast club, Junior at nursery at about 8.20am then I get into work around 8.45-9am! This is of course on a good day…

Aj goes to preschool nursery for 2.5 hours every day and 4 full day sessions at the nursery while Junior does 2 full day sessions every week with the plan to go to 3 full days next month. It’s crazy all the different logistics involved once one goes to work and has more than one child! And I haven’t even started talking about After school club!

Thankfully, Aj’s nursery does school runs which she loves so they come to pick her up from school and take her to nursery and that way it means I only have to go to the nursery to pick up Aj AND Junior!

So far the other days of the week are more relaxed as I’m only working Mondays but come October I’ll ‘officially’ be back to work *sob sob* so I’ll be going in 3 days a week. I’ll do this till January when I’m back in full-time, that’s when the fun and games would REALLY start! Till then, I’ll just take the kids to school and nursery then come back and enjoy my last few weeks of freedom by taking some selfies with my babies…

You all have a wonderful week ahead! And thanks you, for reading this 🙂


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