Getting closer to December, Birthday and Christmas!

So we’ve been really quite busy at home… so busy I haven’t had time blog! Shame on me… Work is getting pretty busy plus we’ve had family over a bit. That’s right, Anjie has met another one of her cousins from her dad’s side! And yes, it is official, Anjie loves babies and kids. It was lovely to watch her play with her cousin Jayden, his a month younger than her though so she was doing more of the playing but it was great 🙂

I’m really starting to see the benefits of Anjie going to nursery, even if it’s only once a week (for now) because she gets to interact with other kids and learn from them as well. I’m also guessing this is one of the reasons why she loves babies and kids so much! So no regrets when it comes to the nursery we picked for Anjie, thank God for that!

Also, Anjie is going to meet ANOTHER one of her cousins this weekend hopefully! I’m so excited! My very own nephew! It’s been a long time coming too!

Anjie is now a professional walker! She walks everywhere now and can get up without support when she falls down. Its still so cute to watch her walk and these days she’s started doing a little run too! So I’m guessing she’ll be proper running by her birthday! She’s still trying to get into everything and still loves my phones and glasses. She’s also eating more spicy food but not quite as much as she possibly could! But hey, we’re getting there, so I’m happy about that! We’re also still breastfeeding like once or twice a day and still waking up once or twice at night – we’re getting there, slowly…

We’ve also got two extra teeth at the bottom which literally just appeared out of no where! So that’s 6 and still counting. But in the meantime, I’m loving the gap tooth at the top! She got that from my mama! She still hasn’t quite started talking (or rather cant understand her!) but she’s making a lot more sounds and has even started making that clicking sound with her tongue!


In the mean time, here’s something pictures of Anjie with her cousin…


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I know we will!

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