Getting Aj ready for Reception in September

I remember last year when I was so excited about Aj starting pre-school and wearing a uniform and then getting back into work from maternity and the school runs! All the things that could happen in a year…

Now, we’re doing it all again, getting Aj ready for new school again in a new town and once again there’s a lot to think about, to plan and prepare for…

Aj starts school in September and we’ve decided to put her in a local private school. We’ve set a huge task for ourselves going down this path. I’m thankful we currently have the ability to do this and I pray to God for the strength to see us through this! Hubby and I both went to private schools growing up in Nigeria and know the positive impact it had on us, so its something we want to strive to do for our kids as well. We’ll take it one day at a time and work hard to keep at it!

You must smile whether you like it or not!

We went for the Speech and Prize day for the school last weekend and it was very interesting… Some of the mums were dressed up like they were going for a day at the horse races with their lovely summer dresses! Then the refreshment table – it had all kinds of cakes!! From cupcakes, to banoffee cake, to carrot cake, to victoria sponge cake, it was a little piece of heaven!

Obviously the kids loved it and we all had a nice time, the weather was beautiful so they got to run around and be kids. All the parents we spoke to had nothing but great things to say about the school, and the kids all looked so happy. We also got to meet Aj’s teacher and it was all very reassuring. I think Aj and I are going to be just fine here…

One thing I am wary of is the first week of school. To help the kids settle in to the new environment and routine they will only do morning sessions and have a 1pm finish for the first 7 days of school. As much as I think this is good for the kids I have to plan what Aj and I will do for the rest of the day! Do I take my afternoons off work or do I go pick her up and drop her at her old nursery? Seeing as Junior will still be in nursery as well it only makes sense she joins him there, right? Decisions decisions!

I’m a bit slower to get Aj’s school uniform, shoes and bags ready this time as I still haven’t ordered them! I’m hoping to do that this month so we can chill in August and make the most of the summer. The nursery have also been talking about starting school a lot and have nicely asked parents to bring pictures of the kids in their new uniform to show their friends – no pressure really!

I’m really looking forward to Aj starting school and I almost envy her! I think she’s going to be very happy there, lots of new and amazing things to do, learn, friends to make and soon I’m pretty sure she’s the one going to be teaching us new things, as is often the case with kids!

Exciting times!

In other news, Junior finally had his first hair cut! He looked so grown up I could cry! And I also got Aj’s hair done for the first time by someone else! It was a real struggle but we got there in the end with lots of bribes and support! She LOVED the finish product of course – the question is am I ready to do it again next week??


Are your kids starting school this September? Or are they years ahead already? What tips do you have for getting through the first year of school? I’d love to hear your stories and comments !


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